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Bachelor Thesis, 22.5 HP: Modern Web Application

Helsingborg, Sweden
Closing date
12 December 2021
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Your role

Saab’s digital identity is governed by a design system that consists of five different parts: framework, interaction, components, colours and icons. Together, they govern and describe Saab's digital identity.

The aim is to ensure a unified and user-friendly experience in all Saab’s digital solutions. The component library contains graphic elements and guidelines for interaction specifically designed for the digital channel. The icon library contains icons designed to precision on a grid system which ensures consistency and the sharpest display. These libraries are updated continuously as our identity evolves to follow best practice in terms of exceptional digital user experience.

Description of the Bachelor Thesis

This Bachelor Thesis consists of two main tasks:

  • A report describing the different frameworks and methods for building modern web based applications that can incorporate Saab’s digital identify.

  • A prototype where suitable framework and method is used to show how one of Saab Kockums’ products could look like if it was built as a modern web application.

Your profile

This Bachelor Thesis is suitable for one or two students with an interest in micro services, containers, database, web development, user interfaces and user experience. You are at the end of your Computer Science and Engineering education (or equivalent) and about to start your Bachelor Thesis work for 22.5 HP.

What you will be a part of

A team of experienced software engineers working primarily with development of advanced tactical training simulators within the naval domain. We have a broad technical competence, love to explore new technologies and push our way of working to be the best at what we do.