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Examensarbete, 30 hp: Angle-Only Tracking Using Machine Learning

Linköping, Sweden
Closing date: 12 January 2023

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Radar is one of the most commonly used techniques for target acquisition. Under normal circumstances a radar is able to measure all three spatial coordinates, i.e., range, azimuth angle and elevation angle, to a target. In wartime this is in general no longer true mainly for two reasons: (i) the radar is jammed and is only able to measure the angles to a target, and (ii) the radar is intentionally run in passive mode to lower the electromagnetic signature of the own platform.

Moreover, military platforms, e.g., fighter aircraft, often use passive sensors such as infrared search and track (IRST) and radar warning receivers (RWR) that cannot directly measure range. For military operations it is therefore crucial to utilize the information extracted by angle-only measurements.

Target tracking is an estimation problem where targets are measured, predicted and tracked over time. Tracking targets using measurements where all spatial coordinates are observed is more or less straightforward. When dealing with angle-only measurements a common approach is to triangulate targets using two or more spatially separated sensors. New target tracks are then initiated in the intersections of the angle-only measurements originating from different sensors. Triangulation typically gives rise to ghost tracks which are tracks incorrectly initiated at triangulated points where there actually are no targets. In the multi-target case, angly-only target tracking becomes very complex due to the large number of potential ghost tracks.

Beskrivning av examensarbetet

In this master thesis work a multi-target tracking problem is studied. All sensor observations are angle-only measurements. The idea is to use machine learning (ML) algorithms to extract information about the targets of interest using the angle-only measurements.

A motivation for studying ML in this tracking problem is that ML has been shown to be powerful in many other similarly complex problems. An important part is to compare the considered ML methods with classical methods found within the target tracking domain. Handling of ghost tracks is crucial and is a natural measure of the performance of any proposed algorithm. Both the case with one sensor and multiple sensors will be handled.

Den du är idag

You are at the end of your master studies in engineering physics, electrical engineering or computer science. For a successful master thesis work, a strong background in mathematics and statistics is crucial. Programming experience and some basic knowledge in machine learning is also beneficial.

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.

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Kindly observe that this is an ongoing recruitment process and that the position might be filled before the closing date of the advertisement.

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01-10-2022 – 01-12-2022


Tobias Olsson, Chef, 073-4184405

Robin Forsling, PhD-student, handledare, 073-4184178

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