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Master Thesis, 30 HP: Using AI for predictive maintenance in modern radar systems

Göteborg, Sweden
Closing date
30 December 2020
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Looking at data collection, management and analysis to build a robust self-learning predictive maintenance solution for multiple radar platforms.


Military systems and systems of systems are often part of critical operations and are therefore built towards zero unplanned down-time. Since no system can run 24/7 indefinitely, this kind of requirement is managed by defining scheduled down-time and maintenance cycles. Such schedules could for instance be that a system has to be stopped for maintenance for two hours in a 24 hour cycle and that critical components of the system must be replaced after a certain run-time, regardless of their current health. These schedules have to be defined with high safety margins, to ensure very low probability of operational failures, which leads to waste and unnecessary cost as parts have to be replaced pre-maturely.

By using predictive maintenance in our systems, Saab hopes to reduce the service cost for our customers, reduce the waste of materials and extend the operational capacity of our products. This will increase our competitive edge while also reducing the ecological footprint of our products during their operational life-time.

Description of the master thesis

This master thesis is divided into three phases. In the first phase, you will research the concepts and best practices with regards to using AI-based predictive maintenance of complex digi-mechanical systems. Based on this you will then investigate the available data points that are currently collected by Saab’s existing radar systems with regards to fault indication and maintenance and define a strategy for collecting and analyzing the data for predictive maintenance.

Finally you will work together with Saab engineers to build a working prototype of a predictive maintenance engine to use in an existing radar system.

Your profile

We are looking for 2 master degree students with an interest in:

  • Machine Learning based development

  • Data integrity and analysis

You are at the end of your master’s degree in Computer engineering, Computer Science, Electrical engineering, or equivalent, and is eligble for your 30 HP degree project.

This position requires that you will be approved in a security screening in accordance with the Swedish Protective Security Act.

What you will be a part of

You will collaborate with experienced engineers and professionals in an environment that fosters career development and personal growth. You will be part of a unit working with Software design for radar systems. 

Surveillance, a Business Area within Saab, is a world-leading supplier of systems for detection of threats and self-protection. Business Unit Radar Solutions is responsible for Radar in airborne-, surface- and naval systems. 

X Innovation Lab is a group working with new technology and new ways of working within SAAB Radar Solutions in Göteborg. We do research and create prototypes that are then used in the on-going development of Saab’s products.

Last application day




Contact information

Hanna Svantesson, Recruting Manager

+46 73 437 8108

Sven Nilsson, Technical Specialist (for more details)

+46 73 437 9410  

Håkan Warston, Technical Specialist (for more details)

+46 73 437 8206              

If you aspire to help create and innovate whilst developing yourself in a challenging team setting, Saab may well have the perfect conditions for you to grow. We pride ourselves on a nurturing environment, where everyone is different yet we share the same goal – to help protect people.