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Master Thesis: Image Processing in Military Land Vehicles

Linköping, Sweden
Closing date
29 November 2021
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Technology is moving fast in the area of Image Processing and Machine Learning. In the automotive industry, today it is common to include driver aid systems like adaptive cruise control and collision warning in order to reduce cognitive burden for the driver and to create a safer driving environment.

In the military land sector, the same needs exist; the mounted soldiers have many tasks to keep track on and therefore need to be relieved and aided when possible to help them carry out the ongoing mission. Therefore, we are looking at extending the functionality in our video system solutions to integrate an increased amount of image processing algorithms to help - both driver and other roles inside the vehicle - successfully execute their mission while increasing both their own safety and that of the surroundings.

We are looking for two master degree students with focus on image processing with an interest of exploring the capacity and application of one or more of the following algorithms inside the video system of a military land vehicle:

  • Image stabilization
  • Object identification and tracking
  • Sensor fusion – primarily from different image sources
  • Image enhancement (Sharpening, Noise reduction etc.)
  • Statistical observation, abnormality detection
  • Stereo vision for distance and terrain approximation

The work includes analytical study of different suitable algorithms, adapting them to the end user environment and test their performance on an embedded military vehicle computer.

Do you have a passion for technology? A creative and curious mind, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

Due date: 2021-11-30

Contact at SAAB AB:
Andreas Öhlin, 0734184052 |