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Master Thesis: Self-differential GPS for extreme high-resolution radar imaging

Göteborg, Sweden
Closing date
15 December 2021
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GPS, or more generally GNSS, is mostly used for absolute positioning. But in some applications you do not need to know where you are on the globe, only where you are compared to a few moments ago. One such application is imaging of the Earth’s surface from aircraft using synthetic aperture radar, SAR. SAR requires precise relative positioning, to calculate where the radar has flown, but is insensitive to the absolute position of the antenna.

Description of the master thesis

In this thesis you will develop and evaluate a method for relative positioning based on a technique called time differenced carrier phase measurements. This differs from the standard GNSS processing used to evaluate absolute position. The purpose is to support image acquisition using SAR. The methods will be tested using data from flight tests as well as from controlled ground measurements.

Your profile

The master thesis (30p/20weeks) is suitable for 1-2 students with an interest in data analysis as well as designing and performing experiments.

You are at the end of your technical master education in Engineering physics, Electrical engineering, or similar. Preferably you have some experience of working with GNSS data, as well as data analysis in python or matlab.

Last application day: 2021-12-15

Contact information

Gary Jonforsen, Supervisor PhD

073 418 4245

Joakim Strandberg, Supervisor PhD  

010 216 7409

Patrik Dammert, Supervisor Adj Prof

073 437 8992

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