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Master's Thesis, 30 HP: Passive object localisation using background noise

Göteborg, Sweden
Closing date
28 October 2021
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Using existing background noise to locate and track objects.

Your role

Traditional radar systems work by sending out pulses of microwave radiation and measure the time and direction of any echoes to locate objects in a given 3D volume. This way the system can control the RF signal and learn not only the location of an object, but also the approximate size (or at least "reflectiveness") and radial speed of the object. This data is then fed into a target tracking software that connects multiple measurements to calculate more information, like air speed, course, behavior etc.

Today our airspace is filled with RF signals of different frequencies and from different sources. An object that moves through this cloud of RF signals will subtly change these signals, and we hope to be able to use these changes to estimate parameters of the object such as position or velocity.

Description of the master's thesis
In this Master's Thesis you will investigate passive state estimation of objects by observing latent RF signals,  for instance by using machine learning or traditional filtering approaches. You will investigate the current state-of-the-art methods used in the literature and then develop your own methods. This will be done by creating a simulation and building a physical proof-of-concept representing a simple signal environment with e.g. ultrasound for simplicity.

Your profile

We are looking for 2 master's degree students with an interest in:

  • Machine learning
  • State estimation of dynamical systems
  • Signal processing

You are at the end of your master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical engineering, Applied Physics or equivalent, and is eligble for your 30 HP degree project.

This position requires that you will be approved in a security screening in accordance with the Swedish Protective Security Act.

What you will be a part of

You will collaborate with experienced engineers and professionals in an environment that fosters career development and personal growth. You will be part of X Innovation Lab at Saab Surveillance in Göteborg,

Surveillance, a Business Area within Saab, is a world-leading supplier of systems for detection of threats and self-protection. Business Unit Radar Solutions is responsible for Radar in airborne-, surface- and naval systems.  

X Innovation Lab is a group working with new technology and new ways of working within Saab Radar Solutions in Göteborg. We do research and create prototypes that are then used in the on-going development of Saab's products.

Contact information 
Ted Delin, Recruiting Manager, 073-4187043

Sven Nilsson, Technical Specialist, 073-4379410

Åsa Mårtensson, HR Specialist Recruitment, +46 10 2165107

If you aspire to help create and innovate whilst developing yourself in a challenging team setting, Saab may well have the perfect conditions for you to grow. We pride ourselves on a nurturing environment, where everyone is different yet we share the same goal - to help protect people.

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.