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Miniaturization of Electronic Systems

Järfälla, Sweden
Closing date: 10 December 2022

If you are passionate about driving the cutting edge of technology, collaborate with others to bring change, and wants to lead the way forward YOU are what we are looking for.

Your role:

You are the Technical Leader to drive the development within Miniaturization of Electronic Systems, creating interest and help pushing technical boundaries and Saab´s position as innovation leader.

To be a technical leader within this area means that you monitoring technical developments creating Saab awareness to help grasp opportunities and reduce risks.  External and international relations are essential to develop competence and identify opportunities within your area.  This includes relations with academia, partners as well as customers.

You are guiding the Saab organization forward by explaining and clarifying the progress needed to reach the desired position.

Acting as a leader means that you network, build competence and create insights. You contribute with new ways of thinking and creative and innovative ways to reach the desired goals. Combining your technical competence with business understanding is essential.

As Technical Leader, you are involved in all phases of the product life cycle, from Research & Development to end users operational feedback.   

The technical leader role is a part time job (20%) and you will be assigned for a period of at least 3 years. On the other part of the job (80%) you will work in our on-going development projects as a software engineer or a role that is suitable based on your experience.

Area description:

The design of our products are all challenged by the trade-off between performance vs SWAP-C. Another variable to consider is that SAAB, for many reasons, strives to increase the content of COTS in our products. System HW design and choices of the most suitable electronics for compact systems are important tasks in order to develop successful products. Innovative manufacturing techniques that enables much more compact designs such as 3D-printed components and PCBs needs to be investigated and considered for future implementation.

Your skills and experiences:

You are curious and have a great passion for technology within the technical area of miniaturization, always looking ahead for opportunities eager to boost Saab´s future capabilities.                                                                                       You have a strategic, holistic and business-minded approach combined with excellent communication skills and leadership abilities.

General requirements

Appropriate professional or postgraduate qualifications in the technical discipline with well documented experience within this technical area.                                                                                                                          

We also would like to see specific knowledge in;

  • SWAP-C
  • Holistic system solutions
  • System architecture
  • Trends within digital electronics
  • General electronics
  • System-on-a-chip
  • Novel COTS