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Thesis work: Autonomous Anti-drone Defence System

Karlskoga, Sweden
Ann-Marie Rehnström
Peter Andersson
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14 November 2020 Apply for this job!

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In the last couple of years, commercial drone sales have almost quintupled and are pro-

jected to increase, this coupled together with components needed to build a

drone becoming more and more easy to use (Plug and Play) as well as becoming

more available to the general public implies that in today’s age nearly everyone

who wants to own and fly a drone can do so. Civilian drones and Unmanned

Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are not a problem in themselves, it’s when a drone oper-

ator decides (knowingly or unknowingly) to unlawfully enter restricted airspace

of an airport for example when a drone can pose major threat to aircraft. If

a drone enters restricted airspace of an airport, the closure of said airspace is

imminent as to avoid collision between the drone and aircraft which can result in loss

of human life. Such incidents are happening regularly.

Current methods airports use for drone defence includes but are not exclusive

to jamming drone signals, shooting a net at them in hope of taking the drone

down and using high energy weapons such as lasers and microwaves. Unfortu-

nately, the biggest cause for concern is collateral damage from using said defence

measures as well as legal consequences.

Saab believe that there is a current need for a highly precise “anti-drone

defence system” with high accuracy that is safe and secure to use in airport


Description of master thesis

SAAB propose a system consisting of two parts. First part will be used for

detection of drones and the second part will be used for payload delivery. The

payload delivery will use data from the first part for calculating trajectories and

estimated impact times. The system will accurately and autonomously detect

drones from the data gathered by cameras and IR-sensor(s)/laser together with

a neural network. Can a fault tolerant method be developed for detecting drones and esti-

mating their position by using stereo-vision coupled with an IR-sensor/laser?

Your profile

This project is suitable for you that will conduct your master thesis within the engineering field of automation, simulation, electrical or data engineering. Preferably you have experience within programming and system simulation, skills within machine learning or Artificial Intelligence is highly requested.


The work shall preferably be conducted at SAAB Dynamics in Karlskoga.


Peter Andersson, Chef

+46 102171565

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