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Gripen E

Saab Offers An Array Of Cutting-Edge Solutions For India

Saab is a global defence and security company, founded in Sweden in 1937. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. Saab brings to India a wide portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and solutions, across the air, land, naval and civil domains.


Saab’s portfolio across the Air domain includes combat aircraft, surveillance solutions, electronic warfare, avionics, weapon systems, sensors, commercial aeronautics, training, service and support.

Gripen E/F is a true multi-role fighter aircraft, capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions employing the latest technology and weapons. It is designed to meet the demands of existing and future threats, while simultaneously meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability and efficiency. Saab's Gripen offer to India is well beyond just setting up assembly lines in the country. The Make in India proposal focuses extensively on establishing the world’s most modern fighter-aircraft manufacturing capability in India. This will be achieved mainly through Technology and Capability Transfer which Saab has offered to other countries as well in the past.

Saab’s Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) has been selected by HAL as the electronic warfare self-protection system for the Advanced Light Helicopter (Dhruv). The programme is in the series production phase and has received multiple production orders. IDAS provides self-protection for airborne platforms in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments. It is a fully integrated multi-spectral system that can be configured for radar warning, laser-warning and missile-approach-warning.

Saab is also a subcontractor to Boeing and Airbus, supplying cargo doors, wing spars and avionics, system integration and support and maintenance solutions for a number of different aircraft types.


Saab has been developing technology aimed at creating a safer and more confident society since its inception. Today, this experience is utilized into a wide range of affordable, net centric security solutions that can radically improve capabilities within areas such as critical infrastructure protection, emergency response, threat analysis, crisis management and communication support.

Saab’s portfolio includes solutions designed to support Special Police Forces, Police Strategic Command, Rescue Services and Fire Brigades in establishing and maintaining a common understanding of the situation between command centres and mobile units.

Saab also offers a wide range of solutions designed to support air transportation players in optimizing and securing the different sectors of air transportation covering traffic management, airport support, security and solutions providing net centric capabilities.


Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed for enhanced operational capabilities and increased effectiveness. We can enable a modern fighting force to become light, lethal and wired to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century.

From leading weapon systems for dismounted infantry, anti-armour weapons, cutting-edge weapon locating systems, world class signature management technology, to self-protection for land vehicles, Saab has a comprehensive land domain portfolio on offer. The products include Carl-Gustaf M4, AT4, radars like Arthur and Giraffe 1X, Mobile Camouflage System, LEDS, Fiber Optics Gyros and more.

The Carl-Gustaf weapon system has been in use with the Indian Army for decades. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest, lighter version of the man-portable anti-tank system. It offers greater flexibility, weighs less than 7 kg, and is compatible with all existing and future ammunition. The AT4 family consists of multiple lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapons. The range includes anti-armour, anti-structure and anti-personnel/high-explosive weapons.

Arthur is a highly mobile weapon locating system, tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops. Within the battlefield sectors or areas of interest it will rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin and points of impact. Giraffe 1X, Saab’s small, lightweight, yet powerful 3D radar, is a short-range radar designed primarily for Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD). It provides an early warning of incoming rockets, mortars, drones, missiles, and asymmetric attacks and can be operated by a single user.

Saab’s maritime portfolio covers the air, surface, sub-surface and maritime surveillance domains, thus providing Naval and Coast Guard Forces a complete command over the sea.

The AUV62 System is Saab’s latest generation modular AUV system, designed for autonomous long-range missions. It includes equipment for mission planning, mission evaluation and for launch and recovery. The system can be configured as a self-propelled underwater advanced trainer, assisting the training of anti-submarine warfare operators. Another designed purpose is Mine Reconnaissance (MR) with high-resolution side-looking sonar.

The Double Eagle Sarov can operate both as an AUV, with an onboard inertial navigation system and alternatively as a ROV with several kilometer long fiber optical tether providing both power and real time communication for the vehicle. For MCM operations, the Double Eagle Sarov can be used for detection, classification and disposal.

Saab, along with Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), USA, has developed the ground-breaking waterborne anti-IED security platform, Sea Wasp. Derived from the increasingly successful use of robotic systems to dispose of land threats, the Sea Wasp, a latest generation ROV with a high degree of operational autonomy, takes the concept under the water to increase safety of our shores.