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Unmatched adaptability on the future battlefield

2 min read

As part of a dynamic partnership between two defence technology leaders, Saab and Raytheon are co-developing the Guided Multipurpose Munition (GMM); the first guided round to be made available across multiple platforms, including man-portable solutions such as the Carl-Gustaf® system and the AT4-derived family of weapons.

The GMM will give soldiers the power to respond to distant threats with pinpoint accuracy and immediate effect. Thanks to its ease of use and compatibility with long-established systems, soldiers are already trained and ready to use the round. With mission-configurable warheads, it will handle a wide array of targets and battlefield scenarios which would normally require support, saving valuable minutes when time is critical. It is a cost-effective solution that will put decision-making in the hands of the commander on the ground, making small units as effective as possible.

The GMM’s tactical advantage lies in its adaptability. Interchangeable seeker options, such as infrared and semi-active laser, increase first-round-hit probability at ranges traditionally beyond those of close combat. The range of compatible warheads allows optimisation for different mission objectives, such as anti-structure, anti-armour and anti-personnel. A low launch signature gives the ability to fire from cove and enclosed spaces. It is a highly lethal, versatile and efficient system that is ready for the future.



Did you know?

  • The GMM can accurately engage moving or stationary targets at distances of up to and beyond 2,000 metres.
  • The GMM round flies at near-supersonic speeds.
  • During firing tests, the GMM achieved a 100 percent success rate.
  • With lock-on-after-launch capabilities, the GMM round will help keep infantry safe with the ability to fire from and retreat to cover.
  • The GMM round will be launchable from both disposable and reloadable shoulder-fired systems, mortar systems, and manned and unmanned ground and aerial vehicles.