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Gripen E

Advanced Weapon Systems

1 April 2020
A battleground hero

Developed in the 1940s and as relevant in today’s technology-driven theatres of combat. A clever basic design that has been constantly innovated, and that is now used by more than 40 nations across the planet. The story of Saab’s Carl-Gustaf is the story of a Swedish battleground hero.

6 September 2019
A missile system fit for the future 

Modern warfare is changing at a rapid pace and forces can no longer make do with missile systems that might struggle to face up to tomorrow’s threats.

4 September 2017
Shot Counter for Carl-Gustaf M4 - what is it?

The new shoulder-fired weapon system launched in 2014, Carl-Gustaf M4, is equipped with many new and unique features which will enhance the capability of soldiers on the battlefield. One of these is the shot counter.

24 May 2017
Designed with soldiers in mind 

With modern warfare placing increasing demands on soldiers, Saab’s Carl-Gustaf M4 shoulder-launched weapon has been designed for optimal handling and comfort in all conditions.

19 April 2017
What makes the RBS15 Mk3 the ideal anti-ship missile of choice for countries in the Baltic region?

As the RBS15 was developed to help defend the small and neutral Sweden, with a strategic location and very close proximity to potential aggressors, it is perfectly suited to any country in the Baltic region.

16 February 2017
Very short range. Very effective.

Cost-effective to operate and requiring minimal manning, very short range air defence (VSHORAD) systems fill the defence gaps left by longer range systems.

6 February 2017
Five things you didn´t know about RBS15

How well do you really know the RBS15? The following facts might surprise you.

25 November 2016
"We have to deal with any threat that comes our way"

For Sergeant Raymond Miller of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, the Carl-Gustaf system has been a game changer during operations.

Gripen E - Designed to be future-proof

Pilots like nothing better than having the latest fighter, but few pilots ever fly a plane capable of evolving to meet an uncertain future.