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Gripen E


14 February 2020
The Bofors gun that revolutionised air defences

Few products developed in Sweden have received so much publicity and have been of such historical significance as the Bofors 40 mm gun.

31 January 2020
Dynamic Duo

In many ways Tony Read and Lukas Nilsson, two Saab employees, embody the history and spirit of the company.

18 August 2019
From the swordfish to world-leading submarine technology

Today Saab is building the next generation of submarines with the working name A26. This is development work that has its roots in a tradition going back more than a hundred years. Kockums (now Saab) delivered its first submarine with the name Svärdfisken (Swordfish) in 1914.

26 May 2019
Saab’s secret room: The underground workshop

One of the most secret rooms in Sweden was built deep down in the primary rock of Linköping: Saab’s underground factory. The underground workshop had room for a thousand employees and came into existence in order to safeguard the operation of the Swedish aviation industry during the Second World War.

20 May 2019
Artillery pieces and combat vehicles

Few companies have had such a breadth as Bofors, but essentially it focused on developing artillery pieces and combat vehicles.

20 June 2018
The civilian aircraft: Flying in a Saab between Basel and Paris

The development of military aircraft led to an investment in civilian commercial aircraft.

26 May 2018
Karlskrona shipyard - the greatest investment of Sweden's era as a great power

The production of Saab Kockums’ ships and submarines takes place at the Karlskrona shipyard. Here there is a tradition of developing solutions for maritime security that goes back more than 300 years.

25 April 2018
Do Saab still make cars?

Many people still think Saab makes cars, even though the business was bought out by General Motors in 2000 & Saab Automobile went defunct back in 2011.

12 December 2017
Datasaab laid the foundations for sweden as an IT nation

In the 1960's and 1970's Saab broke new ground with its development of computer systems, and became a cornerstone of the Swedish information society

25 September 2017
Tryggve Holm - CEO during Saab´s record-setting years

Few people are woven so intricately into the history of Bofors and Saab – and thus into the entire industrial fabric of Sweden – as Tryggve Holm. His father was the managing director of Bofors. He became an engineer at Bofors, CEO of Saab during the record-setting years of the 1950s and 1960s and ultimately chairman of the Swedish Employers Association SAF – and well as chairman of the Bofors board of directors!