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Gripen E


24 March 2021
Saab takes part in Ocean Supercluster Port Integration and Enhancement of Data Project 

Today, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced three new projects with a total value of almost $10 million from its Accelerated Ocean Solutions Program (AOSP). These include the Port Integration and Enhancement of Data Project in which Saab will be a project partner.

28 October 2020
Cyber security in focus: The vulnerability of the USB port

​​​​You are sitting at the airport and your cell phone battery is running low. "Well, no movie on the plane then" you think, but then you see a charging station, perfect! You plug in your mobile and can enjoy the movie on the plane. What you do not know, is that now your device might be infected with a virus or malware.

22 October 2020
Cyber Security in focus: Internet of Things – who is listening?

Sharing information and talking to family is a natural part of your daily communication, but how restricted are you when there is a device that is constantly listening to everything you say?

13 October 2020
Cyber Security in focus: The individual is a favorite target for security attacks in social media

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized and analogue communication is replaced by cloud services, digital meetings and social media, new threats and risks emerge. Hacking today is not limited to just technical intrusions; on the contrary, new methods are being developed where the individual is at the center.

4 September 2020
Additive manufacturing - a revolutionary new technology

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is having a profound effect on industrial manufacturing processes. Saab is a key member of AMEXCI, a consortium of leading Swedish industrial names that seeks to harness the enormous potential of this exciting technology.

4 September 2020
The Triple Helix: Sweden and Saab’s recipe for success

Sweden is often ranked as one of the world’s most innovative countries. A significant reason why is the ‘Triple Helix’ cooperation model, where academia, industry and government combine to identify, research and develop innovative technologies and services that meet the nation’s needs. Sweden’s defence industry has long embraced this approach, and Saab plays a leading role.

10 August 2020
Changing how we learn and experience technology

Saab was one of the first developers invited into Microsoft’s mixed reality programme. Over the past few years, our team has been working on a range of groundbreaking training, education and other complex 3D holographic applications.

11 May 2020
Working with start-ups is vital for Saab’s future

Saab works with start-ups because the world is filled with possibilities and we can’t and shouldn’t try to do everything ourselves. We identify our needs, scout for the right technology at the right time and constantly evaluate new solutions. It’s all part of Saab’s innovation culture, says Karl Eldebo.

7 April 2020
WASP: shaping the future of Swedish industry

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Programme (WASP) brings together Swedish industry and academia to ensure Sweden will be competitive in the future. Saab plays a strong role in the programme, providing research and administrative talent, and technological expertise.

2 March 2020
Gripen for Canada - Swedish innovation, Canadian ingenutiy

Canada is looking for a new fleet of fighter jets to keep its citizens and allies safe, secure and engaged in missions at home and abroad -- and Saab has the answer: Gripen for Canada.