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Gripen E


20 October 2020
First flight Brazilian Gripen E
True Collaboration 3: Gripen's Logistical Flexibility

Flexible deployability and short take-off capabilities were part of Gripen's design from the beginning. These capabilities were inherent from earlier Saab fighters that came before Gripen which were designed to operate in Bas 90 system. The system, created during Cold War, uses a dispersed air basing strategy to make surprise attacks difficult for the opponent. What we see in Gripen today is an enhanced version of these inherent capabilities backed by the best logistics support.

16 October 2020
Gripen C
A Glimpse at The Swedish Air Force Today

During a recent Saab webinar with leading Indian defence journalists, Major General Mats Eric Helgesson, former Swedish Air Force Commander, took the participants through the Swedish Air Force operations today.

16 October 2020
Twoship Gripen E Brazil and Sweden
Training to fly Gripen

In part 3 of the training for Gripen video, test pilot Major Abdon undergoes hypoxia symptom recognition training where he learns to handle decreased oxygen pressure at altitude.

14 October 2020
Sirius GBAD
Know your surroundings

We are constantly surrounded by an immense number of electronic signals. Most of this communication is civilian but there is also a significant amount of signals with military origin in the air. In this article Saab's Hampus Delin explains what signals intelligence is all about. 

13 October 2020
Gripen E
With Gripen, Saab Offers India Self-Reliance

In the race to make fighter jets in India, Saab offers cutting edge technology and large-scale knowledge transfer that will boost the defence manufacturing sector of the country. According to the proposal, the manufacturing of 96 out of the 114 Gripen fighters will be overseen by INAC (Indian Aircraft Company), which is the proposed Industrial hub that Saab intends to set up in India.

8 October 2020
Saab to streamline Halifax Port Authority operations with their Port Management Information System

The Halifax Port Authority is taking a major step forward in digitalisation of their operations. They have awarded Saab a contract to supply a Port Management Information System (PMIS).

7 October 2020
Gripen E_SWE_BRA
How Gripen's Availability is Maximised at All Times

One way that Gripen achieves maximum operational effect and high availability is through its inherent smart support system. Episode 9 of True Collaboration Season 3 talks more about the effective maintenance solution that comes with Gripen which makes it ready to be deployed at all times.

6 October 2020
Gripen E
Gripen F Joint Programme is Progressing Well: Eva Söderström

The Gripen F development advanced to a new phase with the first metal cut in March this year. Not only the event flag off the Gripen F production, it also marked an important milestone in the Brazilian Gripen programme both for Saab and the Brazilian partners involved.

1 October 2020
Gripen E
The Gripen for India Offer is one of the Best: Mats Palmberg

The Gripen for India offer by Saab goes beyond the fighter procurement. Just like the contract with Brazil, Saab aims to set up a truly capable and self-reliant defence industry in India by creating sustainable high-tech jobs, transferring technology and know-how, and generating sustainable export business.

25 September 2020
Brazilian Gripen E
First FAB Gripen E Flies in Brazil

On September 24, the first Brazilian Gripen E, designated by Brazilian Air Force (FAB) as F-39 Gripen, concluded its first flight in Brazil. The aircraft flew from the airport in Navegantes to Embraer´s facility in Gavião Peixoto.