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Gripen E


7 April 2021
Saab takes green technology to new depths

Investments in maritime infrastructure and facilities are growing. Everything from renewable energy and agriculture and fish farms on an industrial scale, to new offshore installations for oil and gas. This is where Saab and Sabertooth make a difference by making the work below the surface easier, more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

30 March 2021
Gripen roars over Hungary for 15 years

It has been 15 years now since Gripen first landed in Hungary, at Kecskemét Air Base, home of the Hungarian Gripen fleet. Hungary was the third nation, after Sweden and the Czech Republic, to start operating Gripen C/D.

18 February 2021
Training Beyond National Borders

Interoperability and cooperation between nations is becoming more common among armed forces around the world. This cooperation empowers the members’ capabilities and effectiveness, a key for efficient cooperation is military training and multinational exercises.

3 February 2021
Digital towers offer airports a safer, more flexible future

The future of air traffic management is more digital, secure and flexible, and increasingly remote-controlled. The new Remote Tower Centre RTC Stockholm is the next great leap in this rapidly evolving sector, as Niclas Gustavsson explains.

5 January 2021
Service and Maintenance by Air to Ensure High Availability

The pandemic continues to affect us all as well as our normal business and operations. When we sell Gripen to a customer, the purchase also includes servicing the aircraft at specific intervals. Servicing is normally performed at Saab, Linköping, but, as in the spring when Hungary imposed travel restrictions and we flew their aircraft down to them, we have now devised another special solution. This time we provided on-site assistance in the Czech Republic.

22 December 2020
Seven years of hard work and team spirit within the T-7A collaboration

In December 2013 Boeing and Saab AB signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to jointly develop and build a new advanced, cost-efficient T-X Family of Systems training solution for the upcoming competition to replace the U.S. Air Force’s aging T-38C Talon aircrew training system. The JDA, with Boeing and Saab AB as partners, covers areas including design, development, production, support, sales and marketing.

17 December 2020
Gripen E now stationed at Malmen Air Force Base

The joint test programme for Sweden’s Gripen E has taken yet another important step towards delivery as the number of test sites has now expanded to also include the Swedish Air Force’s airbase at Malmen for continued testing together with the Swedish customer.

8 December 2020
Saab Expects a Boost in Gripen E/F and GlobalEye Sales

Despite the growing health crisis across the globe, Saab has seen two of its most important programmes progress immensely during the last couple of months. Both Swedish Gripen E deliveries and the Brazilian Gripen joint programme have been developing in full swing and continue to progress.

25 November 2020
Innovative support solutions delivers 100% availability

It is during crises and challenging times when promises and commitment really is put to test. For every air force it is important to keep their fleet of aircraft ready to be called for action and to safeguard their country, no matter if it is a pandemic or not.

25 November 2020
The perfect blend of technical and operational excellence

For over half a century, Saab has been specialising in cutting-edge camouflage that perfectly blends technical and operational excellence. These solutions adapt to surroundings and protect against advanced sensors to be the difference between life and death.