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Gripen E


14 October 2020
Sirius GBAD
Know your surroundings

We are constantly surrounded by an immense number of electronic signals. Most of this communication is civilian but there is also a significant amount of signals with military origin in the air. In this article Saab's Hampus Delin explains what signals intelligence is all about. 

10 September 2020
Pohjanmaaa corvette copyright Finnish Defence Forces
When it comes to naval sensors, we believe more is more

Without the right means to detect, classify and counter today’s advanced threats, even the most powerful surface combatant will be vulnerable. To meet this challenge, Saab has developed the Sea Giraffe Multi Sensor Solution.

8 July 2020
GBAD Giraffe 1X
Enabling air superiority from the ground

Acquiring the time and tools to detect and defeat evolving threats like small, slow and low flying drones, short-range missiles and guided munitions requires short-range air defence.

28 May 2020
Gripen CD with BOP dispensing flares
What is electronic warfare?

You may have heard that electronic warfare becoming increasingly important.

11 November 2017
GlobalEye: Overcoming the challenge of the earth’s curvature

In a crisis scenario you need to see more. You need to extend the horizon to be able to cover vast areas quickly.

30 March 2016
A revolution in airborne surveillance

In today’s complex wold, we need to be aware of what is happening around us in the air, sea and on the ground.

22 June 2015
Detecting smugglers in the jungle, all the way from Gothenburg

In Latin America’s remote jungles there is an ongoing struggle between public authorities and drugs cartels.