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CoastControl Coastal Surveillance System

Coastguards' support systems often need better integration. CoastControl provides a complete platform that combines situational awareness, decision support and communications, for better focus and efficiency.

Act faster than situations develop

Coastguards around the world tend to be very different in the tasks that they have and the way that they are organised. They can be primarily civilian or navy organisations. Some rely on volunteers to support regular staff. But in the end, all coastguards, have a need to establish a common operating picture, manage their operations according to their procedures, and to optimally deploy their staff and assets.

In practice, the systems that are used to achieve this, are often a mix of various systems that provide stand-alone functionality. The SAR search pattern generation system is separate from the surveillance system, and likewise, incidents are logged in yet another system, or sometimes even only on paper.

Combining these systems and several others in Saab’s CoastControl platform reduces response times, increases effectiveness of staff and assets, as well as significantly reduces administrative tasks, such as report writing. In the end, it allows coastguard staff to keep situations under control by responding faster. They should be given the right tools to focus on what they are best at: saving lives, enforcing the law and protecting the environment.

Rescue diver jumps from helicopter in Vancouver

Did you know...

CoastControl supports the Dutch Coast Guard in overseeing 41 000 km2 of sea surface

  • In the Dutch Antilles CoastControl has caused a shift in drug smuggling patterns, away from the islands.
  • Saab’s machine learning solutions can flag abnormal target behaviour in real time.
  • CoastControl often makes good use of existing installations, including radar and AIS, without affecting operations of established systems.

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