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Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)

Deployment Ready Training (HEAT)

In today’s increasingly unstable world, it has become more important than ever to be aware of risks and threats when traveling. Being prepared might be the difference between life and death and suitable training is necessary to stay safe.

Key features

Deployment ready actions
Country security plans
Deployment ready training

Run. Hide. Fight.

Are you prepared for the worst?

Saab has over the years built up a very long and extensive experience in preparing personnel for travelling to risk areas. Our renowned Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), is called Travel Risk Management (TRM) and it makes sure that employees are prepared for, and able to mitigate any risks they might be facing when traveling and working abroad. Taking all applicable aspects of safety and security into account, this complete package will build up the knowledge, training and confidence you need to enable you to do the job safely within risk countries and in austere environments.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
DRT 1 Classroom training

What makes Saab's HEAT different than others?

Being a security and defence company with a global footprint, we deploy personnel to high-risk countries on a regular basis. The experience gained from each separate case has over the years added to a truly unique and extensive competence. A skill, which has been developed into a very comprehensive and efficient box of tools. At Saab we believe in sharing and to keep people and society safe, and for this reason we also offer our expertise to other companies to benefit from.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
Weapon recognition and demonstration
Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
A terrorist attack scenario puts the medical skills to use

Time efficient and intense

Our training package is extremely time efficient and intense, conducted by experienced and operationally active instructors using realistic scenarios and environments. The training also meets stipulated Swedish work environment laws and regulations as well as all relevant standards. The full course covers all aspects of safety and security and all participants get their own toolkit to keep and leave the training with useful and relevant course material for future reference.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
An unexpected stop - act carefully and use your skills
Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
When disaster strikes you need to know what to do

What's the takeaway for the participant?

Travelling to high-risk areas can sometimes cause both anxiety and fear, not only for the traveler but also for family and relatives. After conducted Deployment Ready Training with Saab, these feelings can be heavily reduced or completely removed. By building relevant knowledge, awareness and skills, the traveler will know how to prepare, avoid and act to mitigate the related risks, which in turn will give confidence and a sense of comfort and safety. Altogether, it means that the related risks can be reduced to a minimum and it will make all the difference.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
Safe and careful transporting of the team to a secure place

The course

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
Classroom training during DRT1

Deployment ready actions

Saab's efficient solution to become Deployment Ready provides essential information and training to individuals prior to their deployment. The destination and type of travel matters. Saab cooperates with International SOS and Control Risks to compile and provide up-to-date and very specific information for each country, divided into risk levels Low, Medium, High and Extreme. Recommended actions are provided to mitigate foreseeable risks. These steps are vital and very efficient in preparing employees for their trip.

The solution can be divided into five main categories:


Saab has compiled a well-proven and useful traveler’s information- and security kit including:

  • Pocket sized Information
  • Personal security equipment
  • First aid equipment

A medical and health assessment is essential before an employee can travel. Saab will also provide detailed information about accessible aid in the specific country should and accident occur. This information is provided in the Saab Country Security Plans.


When deployed to a risk environment, every employee should have access to support at any time of the day. Support provides information for insurance and emergency contacts and easy to follow procedures for incident recording and reporting.


Good preparation and organisation is fundamental in Travel Risk Management. Saab’s Travel Risk Management provides everything from comprehensive checklists to passport and visa advice.


This covers all aspects of information and training needed prior to traveling, such as Risk Information, Country Reports, and Deployment Ready Training.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)

Country security plans

Information has been and will always be the key to remain in control. The Country Security Plan (CSP) is designed to establish a minimum security standard for a business or a project in a specific country or region. The plan is compiled in a structured way by following the six steps of Travel Risk Management. The CSP is also used in a condensed version called the Country Security Handbook (CSH). This is a comprehensive pocket sized brochure aimed to assist the employee in the everyday application of TRM. This will encourage proactive risk mitigation as well as providing essential, quick reference, guidance in a risk situation. The CSP and CSH are created in accordance with guidelines from ISO 31000 (Risk Management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety).

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)

Deployment ready training

Deployment Ready Training (DRT) is a time efficient training course that deals with general security problems that commonly occur in high risk areas. The topics are relevant and current and ensure the highest standard of training. DRT ensures that participants are ready to deploy, making them both safer and more effective and at the same time meeting the legal requirements for employers and employees.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
Demonstration of various common weapons is part of the course
Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)

Deployment Ready Training – Part 1 (DRT1)

The focus of this initial DRT course is to facilitate operations in environments with weak infrastructure. In such places, first responders such as ambulance and fire departments are normally insufficient and/or not immediately accessible.

  • The students will learn, practice and gain an advanced level of capability in first aid and trauma care.
  • The course includes daily health care and medical self-management routines for sustained operational capabilities in testing and often harsh environments.
hours course duration
Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)

Deployment Ready Training – Part 2 (DRT2)

This course teaches the students the complexity of risk areas and creates an understanding how to assess the related risks as well as recognise and avoid threats. The medical skills and equipment training, acquired in DRT 1, is here put into some really hands on practice. All training takes place in a fictional high-risk country where very realistic training scenarios are used.

  • Hotel and residence security
  • Security awareness
  • Safety equipment
  • Military threats
  • Security planning
  • Cultural awareness
  • Transport through risk and low comms zones
  • Communication through interpreters
  • De-confliction
  • Evacuation and firefighting
  • The concept of Run – Hide - Fight
hours course duration
Deployment Ready Training (DRT-HEAT)
Practical self defense and team resistance
Deployment Ready Training  - Trauma kit
First aid and trauma kits are provided

Customised solutions

In addition to the established and package course offer above, we can offer
general or customized solutions based on our global extensive experience:

  • Travel security plans, handbooks and policies
    Risk based documents to handle risks for your management and for your travelers.
  • Travel security actions
    Web based preparatory checklists for staying safe and secure.
  • Travel security equipment
    Travel security kits, trauma kits and medicine kits.
  • Deployment ready training and awareness
    Theoretical, face-to-face, e-learning and practical training in security and travel medicine.
  • Travel security consulting
    Expertise in travel and personnel security, executive protection support with implementation and development of travel security in your organization.


Saab vests

Did you know...

... when doing risk assessment we use five different risk levels. A risk level is the combination of the likelihood of an event and its consequence.

  • Very high
    >75% (almost certain)
  • High
    50%-75% (highly likely)
  • Medium
    25%-50% (likely)
  • Low
    5%-25% (unlikely)
  • Very low
    <5% (almost certainly not)
Risk levels

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