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Digital Tower (r-TWR)

Saab’s Digital Tower is a next-generation solution that builds on proven Saab video processing, visual presentation and automation solutions. The Digital Tower is a flexible and scalable solution for a broad range of use cases.

Key features

Flexible, scalable architecture – the Digital Tower supports multiple use cases, each requiring different camera and visual presentation configurations.
Enhanced visual situational awareness – with features such as graphic overlays, surveillance labels correlation, and on-screen data presentation (e.g. MET data).
Proven, reliable technology – Saab-designed environmental protection provides a clear view in all weather conditions, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Tower Service From Anywhere

Conceptually, Saab’s Digital Tower is comprised of two major parts: On-Airport Equipment and a Control Facility.

The On-Airport Equipment can be located at the local airport or at multiple remote airports. Its configuration varies as a function of the specific Digital Tower use case. It can include panoramic or IR or PTZ cameras providing coverage of the area of interest, as well as signal light guns and sound sensors to help capture the airport sound when needed. An environmentally protected camera house can be provided, as well as a shelter to house equipment that must be co-located with the cameras.

The Control Facility has a great degree of variability, depending on the specific use case. In the most common case, a Digital Tower Center (DTC), consisting of a number of Digital Tower Modules (DTMs), controls one or more airports, some simultaneously. The key component is the Visual Presentation (VP), which can show full 360° views or distributed views. A number of features further enhance the user’s situational awareness, such as video and PTZ tracking, graphic overlays, and radar labels.

The Saab Digital Tower can integrate a complete suite of Saab automation tools, such as a ground/air traffic display or electronic flight strips, supporting the provision of full tower and approach services, including full A-SMGCS capabilities for larger airports. Saab’s ability to provide full turnkey Digital Tower solutions reduces implementation risks and overall lifecycle costs. In the case of ramp or apron towers, the Saab Digital Tower can be integrated with Saab’s Aerobahn CDM Suite to provides a complete set of apron management tools.

Tacticall Voice Communication System (VCS) is integrated with the Digital Tower solution to provide air traffic controllers with a robust and user-friendly communication interface. The integrated communication solution is built on the same successful core technology as other TactiCall solutions, currently in active service with military customers and within several civil domains globally.

Remote Tower SMA

Remote Tower

With several years’ experience of running an outstanding technical digital tower solution in live operation, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions can offer all kinds of support needed to get a digital tower solution started and kept running. Working with everything from initial operational, technical and business case analysis and implementation, to training and organisation change management, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions provides the full delivery.


Did you know...

With more than 5 years’ experience of running a digital tower solution in live operation, Saab can offer the support and experience needed to implement any digital tower solution.

  • The Saab Digital Tower was the first to be operationally certified by an ANSP. The Saab solution is used to operate the Ornskoldsvik airport from the Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall since April 2015
  • Saab is a key participant in remote tower industry development through our work in the SESAR program and Working Group 100.
  • A Saab Digital Tower is remotely operating the Scandinavian Mountain Airport in Sweden, the first airport to be built in Sweden since 1999. It is also the first airport in the world designed to be operated from the outset with a Virtual Tower rather than a conventional ATC tower.

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