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Guided Multipurpose Munition

We are constantly developing ammunition to meet ever-evolving challenges. Our pioneering Guided Multipurpose Munition will be able to deliver unmatched capability for the future battlefield.

Key features

Pinpoint accuracy
Long-range capability
Multiple platforms

Technical specifications  
RangeMore than 2500 metres
WarheadDual purpose tandem warhead
Target seekerInfrared or Semi-Active Laser
Supported plattformsCarl-Gustaf, AT4, mortar systems, air-launched from unmanned areal vehicles, ground-launched from manned or unmanned vehicles

Pinpoint precision at long range

Saab and Raytheon are jointly developing the first guided round for multiple weapon systems – the Guided Multipurpose Munition (GMM).


With supreme accuracy and mission-configurable warheads, soldiers may take immediate action at long range against a wide array of stationary and moving targets, without the need for support. The cost-effective solution will put decision-making in the hands of the commander on the ground.

First firings of the Guided Multipurpose Munition

See the video from the first firings of GMM, where Saab, together with Raytheon Missiles & Defense proved the versatility and performance during a U.S. Army demonstration.

Video - 1:23

Ultimate adaptability

As a multi-role round, the GMM will be able to adapt to many scenarios like firing from cover, enclosed spaces or vehicles. It may also defeat a host of targets, including armoured vehicles, helicopters, infantry and structures, such as bunkers and reinforced concrete.

Pinpoint accuracy


Infrared and semi-active, laser-based seeker will create a high probability of a first-round hit, even at ranges traditionally beyond the Carl-Gustaf® system. The GMM will also be able to engage enemies before they know you are there.

Increased flexibility

Carl-Gustaf M4

With mission-configurable features, pre-firing preparation can include laser coding and a choice of fuze modes and target approach modes, combined with Lock-On-After-Launch capability.

Compatible with current systems and beyond

The GMM family can be used with current systems, meaning minimal training is required. The GMM has potential to be adapted on more platforms, such as UAV's and vehicle mounted solutions.


A future-proof approach to design means that the round can be optimised for different objectives, such as anti-structure, anti-armour and anti-personnel capabilities.

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Unmatched adaptability on the future battlefield

As part of a dynamic partnership between two defence technology leaders, Saab and Raytheon are co-developing the Guided Multipurpose Munition (GMM); the first guided round to be made available across multiple platforms, including man-portable solutions such as the Carl-Gustaf® system and the AT4-derived family of weapons.

Unmatched adaptability on the future battlefield
Press release

Saab Unveils and Demonstrates New Guided Multipurpose Munition

Saab, in cooperation with the U.S. Army and Raytheon Missiles & Defense, has successfully demonstrated the new Guided Multipurpose Munition (GMM). The GMM System Capability Demonstration was a joint activity between Saab and Raytheon Missiles & Defense, funded under a U.S. Government Rapid Innovation Funding (RIF) effort awarded by the U.S. Army. This three-year contract effort culminated in a live firing demonstration in November 2020. RIF efforts are intended to support the development of promising technologies that address military capability to fulfill an operational or national need.

Saab Unveils and Demonstrates New Guided Multipurpose Munition