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MuMNS (Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System) is a highly reliable and adaptable underwater vehicle. It can be used in a variety of roles, including operational mine and historical ordnance clearance, mine investigation and underwater demolitions.

The maritime mine neutraliser

MuMNS is effective against a wide range of conventional underwater ordnance including buoyant and ground mines and can be adapted to counter less conventional targets.

The system

The MuMNS system comprises an ROV equipped with up to three Mine Neutralisation System (MNS) charges, surface unit, Launch and Recovery System (LARS), winch with tether and a control position. The vehicle utilizes a shaped charge for high order target detonation. The charge is attached to the target by the vehicle and command detonated once the vehicle is clear.


MuMNS can operate from a wide range of platforms including Mine Countermeasures vessels, Unmanned Surface Vessels and can be containerised for even greater flexibility.


Did you know...

MuMNS is a unique underwater vehicle for live operational mine clearance. Did you know that the MuMNS is the only multi-shot disposal system on the market? Here are some more interesting facts about the system you may now already know.

  • Saab has developed and manufactured mine hunting vehicles since 1970's
  • The MuMNS system uses a unique control system which allows for movement in six degrees of freedom
  • The operator can enter a GPS coordinate and the ROV will automatically pilot to it

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9 November 2020

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