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PilotControl - Pilotage Dispatch Management System

Maritime pilots are vital to the safe passage of ships in waterways. PilotControl offers a complete system, which is both modular and configurable to meet the unique needs of any pilotage organization.

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Pilotages have daily challenges with scheduling, operations and financial administration. All of these are tightly interlinked and require an IT support system that ensures a pre-defined distribution of jobs between pilots. At the same time, assignment must take into account pilot certification, licenses and fatigue levels. The support system must make it easy to record operations online and handle invoices in an accurate and timely manner.

PilotControl enables maritime pilotages to streamline those processes while addressing varied and complex rules and rostering needs. It eliminates duplicate data entry, improves communications with all parties concerned, and provides integration with other systems. PilotControl also makes it easy to access information and generate reports.

Based on customer requirements, the fully secured web based solution system can be enhanced with other modules, functionality or integrations as required. These can include items such as the iPhone mobile application and a map based presentation of data as part of the Common Operating Picture (COP).

The main PilotControl modules include management of:

  • Pilots,
  • Dispatch,
  • Resources,
  • Pilot Mobile Units,
  • Billing, and
  • Common Operating Picture (COP)

These modules can be fully configured to meet your way of working.

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