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R5 Supreme W-AIS

R5 Secure W-AIS

The R5 Supreme W-AIS System for qualified customers is an R5 Supreme class A transponder extended with other modes of operation with encrypted communication between selected units and more

Key features

Secured communication with own forces
Pilot plug integrated in display
Full AIS-SART support

See without being seen

The role of AIS in law enforcement and defence applications is becoming more important. It helps to identify vessels that show abnormal behaviour or even could be a threat. However, there are many situations in which a full view around a vessel is needed without announcing to the world that you are present. At the same time, it is necessary to stay in touch with the vessels in your team through AIS.

This is where the R5 Supreme W-AIS transponder proves its value. It features a secure mode in which all AIS traffic is received, but own messages are sent out through an encrypted radio channel that only authorized vessels can decode. It is the ultimate combination of stealth and situational awareness in AIS.

Public AIS operates on two global VHF channels, AIS1 and AIS2. The Saab Secure AIS link uses a third channel, selected by the user, ensuring minimum interference with public AIS communication. The Saab Secure W-AIS data link can be used in parallel with AIS1 and AIS2, giving the Saab Secure AIS users the complete AIS picture at all times.

Transponder Tech

Did you know...

  • For qualified user groups who have a need to exchange encrypted information between their own units and still be able to receive the open AIS information.
  • Dedicated encrypted link while maintaining full performance on the AIS 1 & 2 channels in parallel.
  • Full situational overview of Secure AIS equipped vessels/aircraft and standard AIS equipped vessels while remaining invisible to standard AIS users. 


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Leaflet in pdf for view or download:

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