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Airborne VDES and AIS receiver

The R6A VDES RX is a future proof VDES and AIS multi-channel receiver, specifically designed for airborne applications and based on Saab’s SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology. R6A VDES RX offers outstanding performance and flexibility in a very compact design. The unit has been extensively tested and qualified towards VDES and aviation standards.

Airborne VDES and AIS reciever - R6A VDES RX

Simultaneous data reception from all services

The R6A VDES RX includes full VDES receiver functionality, which means that it is possible to receive messages from all VDES units within range. In addition to standard AIS reception, the high-performance multi-channel receiver supports up to totally 8 parallel radio channels that can simultaneously receive data from other services such as LR (Long-Range) AIS and VDES.

The R6A VDES RX has an exceptional receiver sensitivity which significantly increases the detection range. The receiver’s cutting edge digital radio design is the result of many years’ research and development of software defined radios. The highly versatile radio platform will continue to evolve as new requirements are introduced and will remain at the forefront for many years to come.

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R6A Img1

The R6A VDES RX is developed specifically for airborne use meeting the relevant requirements and standards for on-board installation. The R6A VDES RX can easily be integrated with other on-board systems such as Mission Management Systems, radar or other display solutions. The multitude of available interfaces make the system highly appropriate for integration into any external system for configuration, operation and display of data.

Due to its low weight, the receiver is also highly suitable for applications where there are payload constraints, such as UAV solutions. Each unit is delivered with very versatile, PC-based utility software for convenient configuration, verification and trouble shooting.

UK helicopter and lifeboat exercise

Special features

  • Support for the new ASM and VDE channels being part of the VDES
    standard, currently developed as an extension of AIS.
  • Reception of LR AIS channels 75 and 76 enables detection of AIS targets over greater distances and in environments where the standard AIS 1 and 2 channels are congested.
  • Embedded support for Digital Selective Calling (DSC) reception. (Requires support from an external application).



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