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Dispatcher control room

TactiCall Dispatcher Suite

The TactiCall Dispatcher Suite applies Saab's proven integrated communications technology to optimise, modernise and future-proof control rooms.
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Key features

Designed for ultra-high levels of availability & scalability
Supports CAD/C&C workflow integration
Provides enhanced situational awareness

Integrated control room communication

We equip control rooms with a robust user-friendly radio dispatch capability that delivers enhanced situational awareness, collaborative pooling/sharing of voice and data communications, accurate resource status & location information, voiceless dispatch, mobile resource self-service, and group communications that seamlessly span current and legacy radio telecommunication systems.

The core system can be enhanced with optional features like mapping/GIS, contact center functionality, PA/GA, alarms, legal recording, etc. The result is a complete digital dispatch solution tailored to your exact operational needs. The solution even provides open APIs, allowing integration of radio capabilities into 3rd party command & control/computer aided dispatch workflows.

TactiCall Dispatcher Suite

  • Is designed for ultra-high levels of availability & scalability… through a distributed clustered infrastructure.
  • Supports CAD/C&C workflow integration… through a rich set of high level communications APIs.
  • Provides enhanced situational awareness… via collaborative pooling & sharing of data & services.

User experience

The TactiCall Dispatcher user interface has been carefully optimized for radio dispatcher operations, presenting large volumes of complex status information from thousands of radios and talkgroups in an efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that is designed to minimize clicking, typing, and rekeying.

The interface provides features such as search-as-you-type resource directories, GIS mapping of radio positions, and drag-and-drop placement of resources onto schema-based screen layouts for convenient ad hoc incident co-ordination. It is flexible and may be customised throughout, to match required styles and color schemes.


Application integration

The TactiCall Dispatcher Suite can be used as a standalone solution or fully integrated into command and control systems. It offers open API’s that allow integration into 3rd party Command and Control (C&C) systems, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) workflows and other applications like GIS, process control, building management, PA/GA and alarm handling applications.


Shared audio & data – free seating

The design of the TactiCall Dispatcher Suite permits architecture pooling and sharing of infrastructure points of presence. This cost saving feature reduces the number of dispatcher connections needed whilst enhancing the team working capabilities. The design allows the operator to access all voice and data communication services from anywhere within the corporate network and share access with local and remote team members.

Operators can even link to the system over wireless or mobile networks if required, maintaining contact even on the move, and extending system reach to mobile control rooms

Copenhagen highway

Did you know...

… what capital city is using TactiCall for their emergency services? Here are some interesting facts on our dispatcher suite.

  • TactiCall Integrated Communication System is operating in more than 20 countries.
  • All ambulance dispatching in Copenhagen, Denmark is handled using TactiCall.
  • We can dynamically remix audio from telephony, TETRA, VHF/UHF, alert tones, and other audio sources as operators switch tasks.
  • We offer colourful desktop USB powered beacons which give a high visibility alert on incoming calls and emergency events.

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