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TactiCall Maritime Communication System

TactiCall Maritime Communication System comprises a fully IP-based radio system, which can be configured to support the needs and workflows connected to any type of coastline.

All systems – one interface

TactiCall Maritime Communication System (MCS) integrates systems such as GMDSS, incident management, VTS, SAR operations, radio sites etc. into one platform – scalable and modular to be able to fit any type of operational environment.

Being completely software based the system is designed for seamless voice and data communication spanning all of today's technologies. The fault tolerant and secure design still adheres to open standards, and is even capable of operating entirely on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.

TactiCall MCS can be offered as a packaged software product – integrating already existing systems and hardware or be scaled to include everything from microphone to antenna. The solution can make up a new future-proof coastal radio solution, with us taking the role of lead system integrator.

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Maritime communication

TactiCall MCS is a distributed, IP-based communication solution allowing multiple control centres and remote radio sites to be connected over a wide geographical area. The solution supports voice and data communication on MF, HF, VHF, UHF, LTE and TETRA radios including DSC, NAVTEX as well as remote control of radio parameters.

TactiCall offers high quality VoIP audio interfaces conforming to the EUROCAE ED-137 standard, allowing integration of any ED-137 compliant radio and voice recorder. TactiCall's standard compliant VoIP and SIP telephony integration ensures interoperability with popular COTS telecom gateway and VoIP PABXs. TactiCall's data interfaces interconnect seamlessly with other maritime authorities allowing for a smooth integration.

Fully GMDSS compliant

TactiCall is fully GMDSS compliant and comes with integrated GMDSS/DSC functionality – no extra DSC radio or modem is needed. Saab equips the control rooms with a robust user-friendly GMDSS capability that delivers enhanced situational awareness and collaborative working in order to co-ordinate an effective response to distress situations.

The solution even provides open API's, allowing integration of GMDSS capabilities into 3rd party maritime surveillance systems and Incident management systems.


User experience

The MCS user interface is optimized for maritime radio operations, linking all views together to provide a comprehensive workflow and overview.

Database searches

Provides ship information by searching directly in the database, or simply select the ship on one of the map view, which will immediately perform an automatic database search.

Radio calls

Radio calls are initiated from the radio communication panel – but can also be performed directly from the map view, creating intuitive access to available radios and nets.

DSC messages

Incoming DSC messages can also be opened directly from the map view by selecting the sending ship, or be handled from the DSC message list view if this is preferred.

Transmitting ships will be highlighted on the map as long as a DSC message is unhandled. Selecting DSC message will highlight all details related to the message in the:

  • DSC message view
  • Database
  • DSC/radio communication map
  • Detailed map view

Replying to a message will automatically activate the radio communication icon on the communication panel allowing the operator to PTT immediately. DSC messages can be sent to all ships within a geographical area by selecting the specific area on the map.


Ship's hull

Did you know...

  • TactiCall Integrated Communication System is operating in more than 20 countries.
  • TactiCall MCS provides ship information by searching directly in the database.
  • TactiCall MCS user interface is optimized for radio maritime radio operations, linking all views together to provide a comprehensive workflow and overview.
  • TactiCall communication solution allows multiple control centres and remote radio sites to be connected over a wide geographical area.

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