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TerminalControl Terminal Operating System

Successful terminal operations require that many moving parts come together at the right time. Services and resources need to be well planned. TerminalControl is a single solution to handle many types of cargo with maximum efficiency.

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In order to effectively manage its operations, a marine cargo terminal needs to track and manage large volumes of data about the cargo moving through its facility. In addition, terminal operators want to use their available resources (land space, equipment and labour force) efficiently to handle a maximum cargo throughput at the lowest cost, and they need to invoice for the provided services as quickly as possible.

The Terminal Operating System (TOS) serves as the core operations management application to address these needs. TerminalControl is a multi-functional, multi-modal, multi-commodity Terminal Operating System. In other words, it provides a wide range of functionality for marine terminals as well as inland terminals dealing with vessels, barges, trucks and trains, handling any type of commodity, using any kind of cargo handling equipment.

An important advantage is that the end-user can easily adapt the configuration of the system, including changes in yard layout, warehouse space and available berths. Likewise, the user can update or add business rules for tariffs, for example.

TerminalControl's yard planning functionality will ensure that the incoming cargo is planned to the most appropriate position and that the terminal has a complete graphical overview of the actual positions of cargo in the yard.

The equipment control module in turn will make sure any planned movement gets executed by a well-placed equipment driver. When a vessel needs to be loaded, TerminalControl will generate a stowage plan based on information from various sources.

Once the stowage plan is completed, the equipment control module will once again ensure the cargo is delivered to the cranes in the correct sequence. Similarly the process related to cargo that needs to be loaded onto trucks and trains will also be coordinated by the equipment control functionality of the TOS.

Finally, TerminalControl calculates all the applicable charges and generate the invoices automatically.

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Did you know...

  • From gate to gate, port operations account for almost 75% of the cost of sea transport.
  • Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the dominating technology in optimising yard planning. It is far more efficient than traditional calculation methods.
of international world trade is transported by sea

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