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Military operations often require flexible camouflage solutions that can be used for a variety of operational purposes while delivering reliable protection against even the most advanced sensors.

Key features

Reduces up to 80 percent of solar loading on vehicles, shelters, tents and containers
Multispectral, light, non-snagging
Can imitate the color scheme of each intended environment

Protects against all sensors

ULCANS is an advanced multispectral camouflage system created exclusively for the US Armed Forces.


The perfect protection

Easy to handle, multispectral and ultra-lightweight camouflage, ULCANS is perfect for concealing military objects in static positions. The solution can be tailored to a customer’s specific woodland or desert setting.

Unrivalled signature protection for vehicles and static objects

ULCANS is the most innovative camouflage technology on the market today. It has multispectral properties throughout its service life, enhancing survivability by protecting against visual, near-infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar threats.

Key features

Ultra-lightweight, non-snagging construction

ULCANS has a superb high-tech non-snagging ability, is quickly deployed and withstands the rigours of field duty.


Being multispectral, the screen makes conventional multiple and single-layer camouflage for different requirements virtually redundant. Its non-snagging properties also substantially increase its service life compared to conventional nets.


ULCANS consists of one hexagonal and a rhomboidal screen, whether for woodland or the desert. It features a simplified interconnect system and effective shape disrupters.

Partnering with Saab 


We are the only complete system house within signature management. We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Camouflage, Concealment and Deception solutions for soldiers, platforms and units.

All parts of your force, from the single soldier on a mission in a sensor dense environment, to a fully multispectral camouflaged operational base, every asset requires the capability to minimize the probability to be detected. At Saab, we have a long history of creating solutions for any mission scenario – no matter how challenging.

Working with us, you can be certain that you have the best partner in signature management.

Engineering services – specialists on all sensor threats

Barracuda Academy

With over half a century’s signature management experience, Saab's high competence and expertise are applied to every solution we produce.

Barracuda Academy – become a master of camouflage

“No one goes to Europe without camouflage” Lt Gen Ben Hodges, Commander USAEUR, 2017.

Modern signature management is one of the very few disruptive technologies that can break an enemy’s awareness. Barracuda Academy gives students a theoretical and practical understanding of it.

Through our world-class expert-led courses, you can increase your knowledge of modern signature management to:

  • Gain the tactical edge through concealment
  • Identify battlefield threats
  • Enhance survivability of your forces

There are two courses available.

Camouflage Masterclass

Barracuda academy

This course gives users the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the art of signature management. Effective camouflage will improve your force’s survivability and make sure you always have the tactical advantage in the field.

The programme covers both indoor learning and practical outdoor demonstrations, including a close look at threat sensors, decoys, various field trials and information about the production, quality control and design processes.

Train the Trainer Class

Barracuda Academy

This special course is for instructors who need to be ahead of their students, and can be customised according to user requirements and held in their country.

It gives instructors the tools to train prospective signature management operators. The course also ensures that procedure, protocol and our decades of experience can be applied to maximise the survivability of field operators.

This course can be customised according to user requirements, and can be held in their own nation.


Did you know...

ULCANS is the camouflage system designed especially for the US Armed Forces. It offers multispectral for protection against all sensors used today. Here are some intreseting facts about ULCANS you may not already know.

  • Reduce up to 80% of solar loading on vehicles, shelters, tents and containers
  • Designed with a joining system, individual camouflage nets can be readily linked together or fastened to the ground with ground stakes
  • Easy to install, the ULCANS can be deployed quickly to cover any asset
We have more than 45 signature management solution customer countries worldwide. This has been built over more than 60 years of business.