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Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

About us

Saab and LFV (the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider) jointly established Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. The result is that we not only have 80 years of technical excellence from Saab, but also unique operational experience from the relevant public authorities.

This combination has proved highly successful, seen not least in that our system was approved by the Swedish Transport Agency and that it has been operational since 2015. We are your partner for successful ATC business transformation.


Get the full delivery. Get in touch to start your journey towards a digital tower solution.

Per Ahl

CEO Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

Niclas Gustavsson

Vice President Business Development & Governmental affairs Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

Johan Landin

Vice President Head of Marketing & Sales Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions


Getting a digital tower solution approved by authorities and up and running at airports in different parts of the world clearly demands innovative technical excellence. But that alone is not enough.

With several years’ experience of running an outstanding technical digital tower solution in live operation, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions can offer all kinds of support needed to get a digital tower solution started and kept running.

Working with everything from initial operational, technical and business case analysis and implementation, to training and organisation change management, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions provides the full delivery.

An approved system, already in operation

We’re backed by thousands of hours of developing, establishing, and running digital towers. It’s this expertise that is seamlessly integrated into your project when you choose Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions as your partner for your ATC business transformation. It’s what helps you take that step into the future.

The first remotely controlled airports in the world were developed and brought into operation by LFV and Saab and have now been in operation since April 21st, 2015. Approved by the Swedish Transport Agency according to the same regulations as conventional air traffic control. By now, this innovative system has been tested in all kinds of harsh environments and has been installed in different parts of the world.

Let large airports expand, keep small airports open

Our solutions give greater flexibility, enhanced security and reduced costs for all airports. Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions can offer both single and multiple runway solutions, as well as remote operations centre solutions and special deployable solutions.

Why a digital tower?

Going from a conventional tower operation to a digital solution will enable increased efficiency and productivity. The centralisation of air traffic control for towers and other services like approach, MET, training and simulation, technical supervision and rostering is the key for creating that efficiency and productivity, as well as an attractive working environment for the Air Traffic Controllers, technicians and managers. The digital tower and the centre will also open up new, more flexible business models for Air Navigation Service Providers and airports around the world.

Digital towers drive change through:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity through centralisation
  • Safety enhancements
  • Increased competitiveness
  • New ways of working for ATCO, technicians and managers
  • New business models and services possible
  • Attractive working environment
  • Support for airport development, transformation and digitalisation

Saab and LFV, a win-win solution

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions delivers cutting edge air navigation solutions from LFV and top class technology from Saab in one company – Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB. The company markets, sells, develops and operates products and services for digital air traffic control. It also provides innovative customised remote air traffic control by combining unique operational and technical excellence to benefit our customers and society. It truly is a digital ANS provider for the future.

A digital ANSP

  • Remote Air Traffic Control Services (RTS)
  • Remote Aerodrome Flight Information Services (R-AFIS)

A digital system provider

  • Proven remote tower visual presentation systems
  • Fully integrated ATC Automation system for TWR and APP

An implementation partner

  • Proven experience of transition to remote tower operation

With Saab towards the smart airport

The world is at the beginning of an exciting journey, where digital air traffic management will evolve into distributed situational awareness through the use of new technology. Saab is your partner for ATC Business Transformation.

  • Surface Movement Radar (SMR) and multilateration integrated towers
  • Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMCGS) and Electronic Flight Strips (E-STRIP)
  • Security and resource management
  • Integrated communications
  • Ramp control
  • Vehicle management
  • Digital aerodrome
  • Surface & departure management
  • Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

Saab ATM’s expertise spans operations, surveillance sensors, ATC automation, collaborative decision making, and digital towers. Our solutions are trusted by air navigation service providers, airports and airlines at over 100 locations in more than 45 countries.


The world's first remote towers, delivered and approved for operation

The first remotely controlled airports in the world were developed and brought into operation by Saab and have now been in operation since April 21st, 2015. Approved by the Swedish Transport Agency according to the same regulations as conventional air traffic control. By now, this innovative system has been tested in all kinds of harsh environments and has been installed in different parts of the world.



London City Airport and NATS have chosen Saab as the technology provider for a test installation to remotely control London City Airport.

Cranfield University, one of the top four commercial research universities in United Kingdom, selected Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions to deliver a digital air traffic control system to Cranfield Airport

Ireland, Cork and Shannon

In 2015 Saab signed a contract with Irish Aviation Authority for a RTC with multiple operations in Dublin controlling Cork and Shannon airports.

US, Leesburg Airport

Trials are currently being conducted at Leesburg, VA in the United States.


The Netherlands, Schipol, Groningen

Due to a combination of being a long distance away as well as partly hidden from the traditional tower, we have a remote runway system installed at Schiphol airport monitoring their fifth runway.

Sweden, Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall

Since April 2015 the airport in Örnsköldsvik has been controlled via the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) Remote Tower Centre (RTC) in Sundsvall, and since November 2016 Sundsvall Timrå Airport has also been controlled via the same RTC in Sundsvall. Linköping airport in Sweden will become operational as the third such airport.

In December 2016 a letter of intent was signed with Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB to provide remote air traffic services to the airport located at Rörbäcksnäs between Sälen, Sweden and Trysil, Norway. When the contract is signed, it be the first airport in the world built without a conventional air traffic control tower.

In November 2017 Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions was selected by LFV to provide the second generation of remote digital air traffic control to the airports in Malmö, Östersund, Umeå and Kiruna.


Contingency operations, Swedavia, Sweden

Contingency trials have been conducted within the SESAR framework at Landvetter Airport, the second largest airport in Sweden. Unplanned events such as systems failure, fire or threat to the tower building can heavily reduce the capacity of the airport or force it to close, which would have severe effects on the air traffic in the region.

The trials showed that investment in Saab Remote Tower technology is a cost-efficient contingency alternative. In addition, it supports a high traffic capacity by providing the controllers with a high quality live video feed of the maneuvering area and aerodrome in the vicinity of the airport.


The Saab press centre is on duty 24/7 for press and media enquiries.


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