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Benefits in Sweden

Here you can read about some of the benefits that permanent employees in Sweden can take part of.

Health Account

As an employee at Saab AB, you have your own Health Account. The purpose of the Health Account is to provide you with a broader understanding of the health improvement initiatives that Saab AB supports, as well as giving you a great opportunity to choose the fitness activities that suit you best. Here at Saab AB, we are working to achieve a common goal – for you to feel good!

Group insurance

Bliwa is one of a small number of insurance companies specialising in personal risk insurance for groups of individuals. Saab has concluded a contract for voluntary group insurance with Bliwa which gives you access to good basic cover at different stages of life. Group insurance affords you the opportunity to choose cover to provide you and your family with financial security in the event of an accident, sickness or death.

Responsibility for environment

Saab Aktiv

Saab Aktiv is an association in which all employees within the Saab Group are automatically enrolled as members, actively or passively.Its purpose is to promote the exchange of experiences and social interaction across the company’s internal boundaries. Saab Aktiv also aims to promote and encourage regular exercise and leisure activities among employees


By purchasing your next bike through My Saab you’ll not only get a really good discount on bike models from popular brands and suppliers, but we’ll even help you to spread your costs over an affordable plan. Or you can opt to pay all costs up front – whichever option suits you.

Holiday resorts

As a Saab AB employee, you have access to our holiday resorts and hotels in Tännes, Labbsand, Sälen and Öland

Parental leave compensation

Through your employment, you are covered by collectively agreed parental insurance, which can provide supplementary payments when you receive parental benefit from the Social Insurance Agency, known as parental benefit supplement.

Reduction in working hours

For each completed week of work, time is transferred to a time bank. The time that the employee holds in the time bank can be appropriated as paid leave, cash payment or pension premium. Provision from time bank to pension premium/cash payment: During the month of December, it is possible to exchange time in My Saab. Payment will be made during the month of January.


Share Matching Plan

In April 2007, Saab’s Annual General Meeting decided to offer permanent employees the opportunity to participate in a voluntary share savings programme, known as the Share Matching Plan (SMP). Since then, the Annual General Meeting has decided each year to offer a new programme. The backdrop to this is that the Board of Directors considers it important for Saab’s employees to have a long-term interest in the positive development of the value of the company’s shares.

The programme involves employees being offered the chance to purchase Class B shares in Saab on Nasdaq Stockholm over a twelve-month period. Saving takes place by means of a salary deduction of between 1–5 per cent of the monthly salary. If the participant retains the purchased shares for three years after the investment date and continues to be employed by the Saab Group, the participant will be awarded a corresponding number of class B shares free of charge.


As an employee at Saab, you earn state pension and collectively agreed pension. If you are employed as an office worker you are covered by the occupational pension ITP, and as a wage earner by the SAF-LO collective pension.
You can read more about the ITP at
You can read more about Avtalspension SAF-LO at