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25 Jun 2022
Managing the human side of digital change - Halifax case study
1 min
Often technology is the easiest part in the digitalisation of ports and harbours. The challenge lies in the change of culture for the people who will need to work with the new solutions. In this joint paper we wrote with Halifax Port Authority we explore both the success factors and what we have learned from introducing a modern Port Management Information System at the Port of Halifax.
20 Jun 2022
A busy time ahead for the Hungarian Gripen demo pilot
4 min
Summer is here, and with it come many popular events. An example is air shows, which always attract thousands of people interested in spectacular maneuvers, high speed and roaring engines. One pilot who will be sure to delight the audience this summer is Máté Majerik, Hungarian Air Force Gripen demo pilot.
8 Jun 2022
Sustainability, Innovation and Equal Rights unite Sweden and The Netherlands
2 min +
HRH Crown Princess Victoria visits the Netherlands and the Saab Damen team for Underwater Defence Cooperation
31 May 2022
The mobile shield that will transform ground-based air defence
3 min +
The battlefield is changing. With the advent of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced weapons, airborne threats are diversifying all the time, and keeping ground units safe is harder than ever.
Sirius Compact_Vehicle
12 May 2022
When being silent speaks louder than words
4 min
Rapid technological advances creates challenges for all aspects of our society; defence is no exception. The modern battlefield has shown that the electromagnetic dimension is more critical than ever. In this increasingly contested and congested environment, it is a difficult undertaking to provide situational awareness to tactical operations. So, how do you meet such a challenge without compromising the need to remain undetected and the ability to deploy with speed and agility? This is how.
Dismounted soldier loads Carl-Gustaf M4 with HE 448
6 May 2022
Accuracy meets simplicity
6 min +
A new high-explosive round and a sophisticated fire control device have made our Carl-Gustaf® system more effective than ever, while maintaining the ease of use that gunners love.
Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558 and thermal sight.
6 May 2022
The power of communication
5 min +
Developed with the help of customer feedback, Saab’s HE 448 round and FCD 558 fire control device for the Carl-Gustaf® system combine to solve even more battlefield challenges.
5 May 2022
Modernised Corvette back in service for the Swedish Navy
1 min +
HMS Gävle is back in operation with Swedish Navy’s 4th Flotilla after a Mid-Life Upgrade. The upgrade includes several new systems that all-in-all strengthens the navy’s capability in combat under water, among other areas.
25 Apr 2022
Keeping ahead, the smart way
3 min +
The launch of GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) marked another leap forward from Saab in radar technology. GlobalEye is the only airborne surveillance system on the market capable of simultaneous air, maritime and land surveillance. Smart ways of working and cutting edge in-house capabilities have been key to achieving this.
20 Apr 2022
Aware and ahead
4 min
Predicting the nature and scope of future conflicts and security challenges is extremely difficult. One thing is for sure, threats will become smarter, faster and increasingly move across domains. To safeguard people and nations under such conditions, you need the ability to provide persistent early warning and timely trusted information over multiple domains. This is exactly what GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) provides – the key capabilities for creating a multi-domain advantage.
Training and simulation Africa
31 Mar 2022
Saab live training on African ground
2 min
The importance of interoperability and realism in training is larger than ever in land forces training. Saab’s live training solutions is a key in enabling this capability. The system is fully deployable to train at the point of need and tailored to the capabilities of land forces training.
26 Mar 2022
Saab 2000 - 30 year anniversary - Happy "First Flight Day"!
4 min +
On this day, the 26th of March 1992, a new ground breaking turboprop aircraft took to the skies for the very first time.