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10 May 2021
Brazilian Air Force pilots begin conversion training in Sweden
3 min
The year 2020 was an unforgettable for the Brazilian Gripen Programme, but this year has started in full swing also. In January 2021, the first group of pilots from the First Air Defense Group, also known as the Jaguar Squadron, began the operational training on the Gripen fighter, at Wing F7 of the Swedish Air Force base in Såtenäs, Sweden. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) chose this selected group of pilots to take the course, based on their flight experience and their operational performance.
Lieutenant-Brigadier Luiz Fernando de Aguiar, Brazilian Air Force.
4 May 2021
Interview with Lt. Brigadier Aguiar, Brazilian Air Force
10 min
One of the main tasks of COMPREP is the implementation of Gripen's operational support in Brazil at Wing 2, in Anapolis (GO). To talk about the progress of these operations, we invited the Commander of Preparation, Lieutenant-Brigadier Luiz Fernando de Aguiar for an interview.
Gripen E 6002
3 May 2021
Saab Presents Its Best and Final Offer of Gripen and GlobalEye to Finland
1 min
In a livestreamed briefing on April 30, Saab elaborated on its best and final offer for HX fighter programme in Finland.
Gripen C
30 Apr 2021
SwAF Gripens Participate in NATO Exercise Ramstein Alloy
2 min
Swedish Air Force Gripen fighters recently joined several NATO Air Forces to participate in Ramstein Alloy, an air policing exercise conducted over the Baltic Sea.
9LV Combat Management System
30 Apr 2021
The voyage towards autonomous ships and boats
1 min +
The AI Research Scientist at Saab's Business Area Kockums, Mårten Lager, recently finished his PhD within WASP – Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program.
Brazilian Gripen E
28 Apr 2021
Brazilian Air Force’s test pilot undergoes intensive training to fly the Brazilian Gripen
4 min +
In 2020, Major Aviator Abdon de Rezende Vasconcelos, FAB test pilot, was the first to train with Gripen C/D and later continue the training with Gripen E. The course began in August 2020 and continues until the end of the first semester of 2021, when the practical training will take place.
Hungary Air Force twoship
26 Apr 2021
Gripen in the Hungarian Air Force
2 min
In an interview with, Major General Kilian Nandor from the Hungarian Air Force talks about what it takes to become a fighter pilot and how they use their Gripen jet fighters.
Czech Air Force Gripen jet fighter.
23 Apr 2021
Czech Gripen Participate in a Simulated Interception Exercise
1 min
The Czech Republic Air Force recently launched a video of a simulated interception exercise with a pair of Gripen fighter jets.
T-7 A Full afterburner
20 Apr 2021
Seven years of hard work and team spirit within the T-7A collaboration
3 min
In December 2013 Boeing and Saab AB signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to jointly develop and build a new advanced, cost-efficient T-X Family of Systems training solution for the upcoming competition to replace the U.S. Air Force’s aging T-38C Talon aircrew training system. The JDA, with Boeing and Saab AB as partners, covers areas including design, development, production, support, sales and marketing.
Angelica earned a Business degree from Linköping University, and her journey in Saab started eight years ago through the Saab’s Graduate Leadership Programme. Today she works with the development of Gripen.
16 Apr 2021
Angelica Keeps Track of both Friends and Foes
6 min
Angelica has a background in economics, but she currently develops the high-tech system that, together with one the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft: Gripen, differentiates friends from foes in the air. And that’s basically all she’s permitted to say about it.
Pernilla Eilert
8 Apr 2021
From Haute Couture to computer hacks
4 min
With two older brothers working as Software Engineers, there is no doubt where Pernilla Eilert found her inspiration. Her coding path started already as a child when she watched her brother develop gaming apps that they then programmed together.
Sabertooth story
7 Apr 2021
Saab takes green technology to new depths
6 min +
Investments in maritime infrastructure and facilities are growing. Everything from renewable energy and agriculture and fish farms on an industrial scale, to new offshore installations for oil and gas. This is where Saab and Sabertooth make a difference by making the work below the surface easier, more efficient and environmentally sustainable.