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30 Nov 2022
Military Type Certificate for Gripen E obtained
2 min
In November, Saab was granted a Military Restricted Type Certificate (MRTC) for Gripen E, which attests that the aircraft has met all the airworthiness and flight safety requirements set by the Swedish and Brazilian military authorities, represented by the Swedish Military Aviation Safety Inspectorate (FLYGI) and the Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute (IFI) in Brazil. T
28 Nov 2022
GlobalEye - Enhancing joint operation effects
6 min
The pace of modern conflicts is high and accelerates demands on decision-makers at all levels. This creates a growing need to speed up the loop from observation to action, provide more rapid and capable information sharing, and the ability to deliver a common situational picture, also in joint operations. This is exactly what GlobalEye, Saab’s long-range Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) solution, offers.
17 Nov 2022
Falcon helps protect Maldives' coral reefs
3 min
A Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater robot has helped complete the first-ever systematic scientific survey of the waters of the Maldives - the lowest-lying nation on earth.
the production of the first forward fuselage for Gripen E at the factory in São Bernardo do Campo.
7 Nov 2022
Saab completes production of the first forward fuselage for Gripen E in Brazil
2 min
Saab is celebrating another milestone in the Brazilian Gripen Programme: the completion of the production of the first forward fuselage for Gripen E at the factory in São Bernardo do Campo.
3 Nov 2022
NLAW - The true tank killer
1 min +
The NLAW anti-tank system has attracted plenty of praise recently for its ability to stop main battle tanks in their tracks. But where did it come from? And what makes the system so effective?
3 Nov 2022
Saab’s first supersonic aircraft is 70 years old
3 min +
November 3 marks the 70th anniversary of the Saab 32 Lansen aircraft. The Lansen made history by being Sweden’s first supersonic aircraft. A total number of 455 were produced, and the Lansen remained in operational use by the Swedish Air Force until 1997.
12 Oct 2022
The Czech Gripens have returned from NATO mission after a six month deployment in Lithuania
3 min
The Gripen fighters of the Czech Air Force, which have been operating in Lithuania for six months, landed on Friday 30th September, at their home air base in Čáslav, Czech Republic. From 1st April to the end of September, the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was protected by the Czech Air Force as part of NATO's Integrated Air and Missile Defense System.
Oshkosh Vehicle
7 Oct 2022
Customer demand drives Oshkosh Defense partnership with Saab
4 min
Armed forces will find it easier to combine world-leading tactical vehicles with advanced signature management solutions thanks to a new deal between Oshkosh Defence and Saab’s Barracuda business unit.
5 Oct 2022 / By Emil Holm
The power of diversity
5 min +
While each GBAD guidance system has its strengths and shortcomings, combining them can produce truly outstanding results.
Giraffe AMB RBS 70
5 Oct 2022 / By Emil Holm
Short and sharp
10 min +
Flexible, fast-to-deploy, and comparatively inexpensive, short-range systems form an essential part of any nation’s ground-based air defence (GBAD) strategy.
Modern soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4
5 Oct 2022
Addressing the challenges of modern-day conflicts
10 min +
Warfare has always challenging. But rapid advances in technology in recent decades mean that the battlefield has never been more complex and unpredictable. To succeed, armed forces need to understand the challenges and find solutions that simplify the task of the soldier.
5 Oct 2022 / By Emil Holm
Which ground-based air defence (GBAD) solution is best?
9 min +
Radar-guided? Laser-guided? Long-range? Short-range? There are a range of options when choosing a missile-based GBAD solution. So, which system is the most effective?