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16 Sep 2021
AI at Saab: Artificial eye
4 min
Saab’s growing embrace of AI technology includes the capability to obtain real-time predictions about the physical behaviours of people, ships or planes.
15 Sep 2021
Stop trusting the tech - Midnight Sun CTF will show you why
6 min
What is the situation with online security and how accurate is our perception of this among us? The question is again relevant when the winner of the hacker competition Midnight Sun is decided this week in Stockholm.
15 Sep 2021
Saab and System of Systems: Taking the holistic approach
4 min
Digitalisation is making the needs of Saab’s customers’ more and more complex. One of our responses to this challenge is a ‘System of Systems’ approach, where Saab works more closely with a customer as its ongoing provider of complete solutions.
Gripen C
8 Sep 2021
SwAF Gripen Display Pilot Retires After Nine Years
2 min
Maj. Peter Fällén, a Gripen Display pilot for more than nine years, has now decided to move on. Here's a look back at his journey over the years and his experience of flying two Saab fighters - Gripen and Viggen.
Czech Air Force Gripen Two ship
3 Sep 2021
Czech Gripen: Successfully fulfilling NATO missions for years
2 min
It was 2004 when the Czech Republic signed a lease for 14 Gripen fighters to replace its Soviet MiG-21 fighters. Over the last 16 years, the Czech Gripen fighters have not just safeguarded the Czech skies but participated in several NATO missions as well.
Gripen E Rio de Janeiro
1 Sep 2021
Integration of navigation systems underway for FAB Gripen
2 min
Demonstrating a fine example of technology transfer and collaboration, Brazilian and Swedish engineers together move ahead to integrate Gripen radio navigation systems - VOR (VHF Omnidirecional Range Equipment) and TACAN/DME (Tactical Air Navigation/Distance Measuring Equipment).
27 Aug 2021
First Gripen E flying display - a pilot testimonial
4 min
In conjunction with the Kaivopuisto Airshow in Finland, the first official Gripen E flying display was carried out by test pilot André “Bulan" Brännström. And it was a resounding success!
Gripen E_SWE_BRA
26 Aug 2021
How to ensure maximum force readiness
1 min +
A jet fighter on the ground does not do any good. A Gripen E/F was born to fly and that is what Gripen pilots do. The reason for this is the power of availability.
26 Aug 2021
Saab’s firefighting aircraft commemorated on postage stamp
6 min +
Thanks to Saab’s four firefighting aircraft, Sweden has strengthened its ability to combat forest fires in difficult terrain. PostNord is now commemorating these efforts with a new stamp.
Gripen E jet fighter conducts water spray tests in Brazil.
11 Aug 2021
Saab Conducts Water Spray Test With Gripen E in Brazil
2 min +
In June, as part of the Gripen E test programme, Saab completed a water spray test with Gripen E. The activity was conducted at the Gripen Flight Test Centre (GFTC), in Gavião Peixoto, Brazil.
Czech Gripen 100years
6 Aug 2021
The Czech Air Force Welcomes New Gripen Display Pilot
2 min
The successor of Major Ivo Kardoš, Captain Ondřej Španko, has now passed certification to become the Czech Air Force's fifth Gripen display pilot.
Gripen C takeoff byTopiDoc
2 Aug 2021
A HunAF Gripen Demo Pilot´s journey
2 min
Máté Majerik from the Kecskemét Air Base talks about his journey as a Gripen demonstration pilot so far.