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23 Mar 2023
From blueprints to the deep blue sea
3 min
With a focus on learning as much as possible about mechanics, electronics, programming, and human behaviour, John Huzell now sees himself as a Swiss Army knife, excelling in many areas but not necessarily the best in one particular field. At Saab, he works at the interface between humans and technology, innovating next-generation submarines—a role where his holistic understanding comes in handy.
14 Mar 2023
Controlling the Electromagnetic spectrum - creating air dominance
4 min
Electronic Warfare (EW) commonly refers to military action involving use of Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Directed Energy (DE) effectors. Over decades, modern EW has grown leaps and bounds from the days of simple jamming of radars and radio communication systems.
20 Feb 2023
Managing the organization's digital brain
3 min
Growing up in the late 90s, just when home computers were becoming widespread, the IT world seemed full of opportunities and surprises to Oskar Löwendahl. Although several years have passed since his first encounter with this exciting new tech world, his curiosity for IT remains strong.
Giraffe 4A
17 Feb 2023
Giraffe 4A – not just another radar
7 min
In modern conflicts, threats from the air have become increasingly advanced; faster, more manoeuvrable and with smaller radar cross-section, placing extremely high demands on the systems used for detecting and countering them. This is where the Giraffe 4A comes into play, and this is how it will prepare you for whatever lies ahead.
13 Feb 2023
Saab 2000 is now certified for passenger flight in Canada
2 min
With its near jet-like speed, turboprop fuel-efficiency and spacious 50 seat cabin the Saab 2000 is more or less tailor-made for Canada. A wide wheel-base, short take-off capability and ample power reserves bringing increased safety, are also qualities appreciated in this vast country.
7 Feb 2023
Decisive Advantage - Human Machine Collaboration
3 min +
The concept of Human Machine Collaboration describes a powerful new way of thinking to deliver air dominance with the Gripen fighter. Modern air combat is a battle of information; success or failure is dictated by your ability to generate, interpret and exploit essential data – and to do it better and faster than your opponents.
2 Feb 2023
Saab awarded contract to boost Port of Melbourne's productivity
2 min
Port of Melbourne Operations Pty Ltd (PoM) has awarded Saab a contract for a web based data management and billing system for the streamlined handling of wharfage charges, channel fees and other ship related charges. Technology will include standard modules from Saab’s PortControl Port Management Information System (PMIS). PortControl will help boost productivity at POM through inclusion or automatic reconciliation of manifests / stevedore records and its advanced billing engine.  
30 Jan 2023
Meet the detective of statistics
3 min
When imagining her future as a teenager, Johanna Hoxell envisioned two potential career paths: becoming a doctor or an engineer. Although her decision may have been influenced by a tiny desire to rebel against her dad, who worked as a doctor, it was her passion for technology that ultimately led her to choose the second alternative.
25 Jan 2023
40 years since the Saab 340 inaugural flight
3 min
January 25 1983 was a cold, crisp day as pilots Per Pellebergs and Eric Sjöberg sped down the runway in Tannefors, Sweden in what would become the benchmark regional turboprop. The first flight with the Saab 340 lasted one hour and 21 minutes and was uneventful.
22 Dec 2022 / By Jonas Branzell
Fighter radar – securing the first line of defence
8 min
If your nation is under a direct threat, the first line of defense is ready to detect, track and identify any incoming target. The fighter and radar are the first barrier to deal with potential threats, and are ready to act when time is of the essence.
22 Dec 2022
Writing the narrative of tomorrow's technical inventions
4 min
With a fearless mindset and a curiosity for people and new technology, Skander Kamran is not afraid of taking on challenges and discovering new ways to develop his knowledge. At Saab, he has found a place to explore both the potential of new technology and his expertise, but most importantly, a safe zone where he has room to grow – personally and professionally. 
20 Dec 2022
Docksta shipyard excel at Pilot Boats- secures another contract for Germany
2 min +
During 2022 Saab’s shipyard in Docksta has delivered two Pilot Boats to Germany. In December a contract for a new Pilot Boat for Germany was signed.