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Gripen duriing a dispersed airbase exercise.
15 Feb 2024
Deploy. Survive. Win.
5 min
The Gripen fighter system exists to guarantee air superiority in time of war. Sweden’s operational requirements for Gripen were driven by a superpower threat of all-out conflict across air, land and sea. This simple statement hides the highest possible objective; national survival. The result was a fighter from Saab that is threat-driven at every point in its design, and utterly unique. 
7 Feb 2024 / By Jörgen Ericsson
Behind the scenes of a Gripen air-to-air photo-shoot
7 min +
Executing a successful air-to-air photo-shoot requires quite a lot of planning and a bit of luck with the weather. At Saab Aeronautics communications department we made a formal request to the Swedish Air force to use one of their C-130 Hercules and a Gripen C aircraft to be able to shoot footage of the Gripen C and Gripen E flying together. 
30 Jan 2024
A memorable good-bye to Loganair's Saab 340 fleet
3 min
An airlines final flight with an aircraft type is typically a non-event, possibly including a fire-truck salute on the taxi-in. Not so when Loganair, Scotland’s airline, bid farewell to the Saab 340 after 24 years of service.
24 Jan 2024
Keel laying ceremony for the second SIGINT ship to Poland
1 min
The keel laying ceremony for second of the two new Polish signals intelligence ships took place 23. January at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., located in Gdansk, Poland. The event was attended by representatives from Saab, the Polish Armament Agency, the Polish Navy, Remontowa Holding and invited guests. 
24 Jan 2024
Weapon system design - a key factor for superior submarine capabilities in the modern battlespace
5 min
Submarines play a vital role in a wide range of operations and tasks, from covert operations to more offensive roles that require engaging adversaries with an array of weapon.  The submarine’s ability to launch a diverse range of weapons and engage its enemies effectively is one of the most important capabilities to take into account when designing a submarine.
18 Jan 2024
Brazilian Gripen E conducts IRST tests in simulated aerial combat
2 min
The Brazilian Gripen E aircraft with registration FAB 4100, dedicated to tests in Brazil, took part in a flight test campaign in Anápolis (GO) to assess the Infrared Search and Track (IRST), a passive long-range target detection sensor.
16 Jan 2024
Forging the future of radar technology
4 min
The year was 2018, and the popularity of AI and machine learning was on the rise. At the same time, a student studying computer science decided to focus his thesis on this flourishing field. Fast forward a few years, and he has now become a Scrum Master for a team developing the next-generation radar detector systems at Saab. Allow us to introduce Eric Norgren.
20 Dec 2023
The Brazilian Air Force receives another Gripen E.
1 min +
The fighter jet, with registration FAB 4107, landed at Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) on Friday morning, December 15.
19 Dec 2023
Hungarian Gripen exercised in field conditions
2 min
The Adaptive Hussars 2023 exercise of the Hungarian Defence Forces brought pilots, technicians and equipment of the MH Szentgyörgyi Dezső 101st Aviation to the Lake Balaton area. Here, at Sármellék, a former air base used by Soviet Air Force for more than 33 years ago, acted as the new environment for five Hungarian Gripen fighters and its personell.
14 Dec 2023
From ski slopes to the skies
3 min
A few years ago, the idea of returning to school was the furthest thing from her mind. However, an unexpected encounter during a ski trip led to a change of heart. Today, she is a Project Manager for a team specializing in aircraft support equipment and product development here at Saab. Allow us to introduce you to Line Scharl.
14 Dec 2023
Unlocking the depths of submarine engineering
3 min
Fueled by an inherited passion for technical problem-solving, mathematics, and physics, Martin Walter always knew he wanted to work in the technical field. Inspired by his father's career path, he now proudly carries on his family's engineering legacy as a team leader at Saab.
The Gripen fighter with registration number 4100, used for the flight test campaign, was at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) for a series of flights that tested the aircraft's behaviour and performance in high temperatures.
21 Nov 2023
Gripen E conducts hot climate testing in Anápolis
3 min +
The Gripen fighter with registration number 4100, used for the flight test campaign, was at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) for a series of flights that tested the aircraft's behaviour and performance in high temperatures.