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Gripen E


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2 March 2021
Swedish Gripens and American Bombers Train Together

During an exercise in February 2021, the Swedish Gripen escorted the American B-1B Lancer in Swedish airspace over central Sweden where ground units also participated. The purpose of the joint exercise was to enhance the Armed Forces' interoperability while strengthening both parties' defense capabilities and increasing stability and security.

1 March 2021
SwAF Gripens Have a Busy Year Ahead

Throughout the year 2021, the Swedish Air Force Gripen pilots have several exercises to participate in. A report on talks about some of these upcoming joint exercises.

25 February 2021
“At Saab, everyone counts”

Faster problem solving, higher employee engagement and better company revenue. There is no doubt about it, diversity is not just good for the work environment, it’s also good for business.

18 February 2021
Training Beyond National Borders

Interoperability and cooperation between nations is becoming more common among armed forces around the world. This cooperation empowers the members’ capabilities and effectiveness, a key for efficient cooperation is military training and multinational exercises.

17 February 2021
Gripen E: Offering Combat Advantage Against The Opponent

According to the Swedish Air Force, Gripen E fighters are designed to take down Russia's fighter jets. A article com throws light on one of the most important features of Gripen that makes it possible: its electronic warfare (EW) capability.

13 February 2021
All About Air-to-Air Refueling

Air-to-Air Refueling (AAR) increases the range and time an aircraft can fly significantly. A report in Flygvapenbloggen explains how it is done.

12 February 2021
HunAF Gripen Pilots Train for Night Flying

Throughout 2020, amid the pandemic, the management of the Kecskemét air base of the Hungarian Air Force somehow managed to occasionally welcome visitors (in strict compliance with health rules) to gain insight about what their daily lives are like. 

9 February 2021
The Incredibly Efficient Package of Gripen E

Military Aviation Journalist and renowned flying photographer Jamie Hunter, whose work has been published in world's leading aviation journals, is back with another interesting article on Gripen E, this time on The Drive.

4 February 2021
Major Aviator Ramon Fórneas Explains Why Gripen is a Unique Fighter

In an interview with the Aeromagazine, Major Aviator Ramon Lincoln Santos Fórneas enumerates five key aspects of Gripen that makes it a truly special fighter.

3 February 2021
Digital towers offer airports a safer, more flexible future

The future of air traffic management is more digital, secure and flexible, and increasingly remote-controlled. The new Remote Tower Centre RTC Stockholm is the next great leap in this rapidly evolving sector, as Niclas Gustavsson explains.