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30 Nov 2023
Weapon system design - a key factor for superior submarine capabilities in the modern battlespace
4 min
Submarines play a vital role in a wide range of operations and tasks, from covert operations to more offensive roles that require engaging adversaries with an array of weapon.  The submarine’s ability to launch a diverse range of weapons and engage its enemies effectively is one of the most important capabilities to take into account when designing a submarine.
The Gripen fighter with registration number 4100, used for the flight test campaign, was at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) for a series of flights that tested the aircraft's behaviour and performance in high temperatures.
21 Nov 2023
Gripen E conducts hot climate testing in Anápolis
3 min +
The Gripen fighter with registration number 4100, used for the flight test campaign, was at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) for a series of flights that tested the aircraft's behaviour and performance in high temperatures.
21 Nov 2023
With knowledge comes power
6 min
Saab’s knowledge-transfer approach to supplying defence solutions is proving increasingly popular with armed forces across the planet. By sharing our intellectual property with customers, we empower them to take an active role in manufacturing and maintaining their defence assets.
14 Nov 2023
Gripen fighters at NATO Tiger Meet 2023
3 min
Gripen fighters from the two NATO countries Hungary and Czech Republic participated as usual. Both countries have a long story of participation in NATO led exercises and air policing assignments with their Gripens and NATO Tiger Meet is not an exception.
9 Nov 2023
Basic design - What is required to create the world's most versatile ships?
5 min +
Creating an efficient naval ship is a significant compromise. There are many, often conflicting requirements that must be set against each other. It should be a ship with good characteristics for operating in archipelagos and at sea, such as speed, stability, and fuel consumption. 
6 Nov 2023
Empowering the future of innovation
3 min
Fueled by a passion for technical problem-solving and challenges, Andreas Bågfeldt naturally gravitated toward a career in the technical field. Today, as a Project Manager at Saab, he excels at pushing the boundaries of what's physically possible while empowering others to grow.
27 Oct 2023 / By Ann-Sofie Olovsson
The move towards more sustainable camouflage
5 min +
Could Barracuda static camouflage nets deliver the same high level of protection if they were made using recycled materials or plant-based fibres? Our research and development team is looking at the possibilities.
20 Oct 2023
Digitalisation is changing the battlefield
3 min
The battlefield is changing rapidly and there is a high demand for new tech in defence, not least in Ukraine. We asked Jonatan Olofsson, specialist in autonomous functions at Saab, how the battlefield has changed lately.
20 Oct 2023
Important Milestone for Saab and FMV
2 min
On Friday 6 October, an important milestone was passed when we delivered the first series-produced Gripen E aircraft to FMV, who will now operate the aircraft before eventually handing it over to the Swedish Armed Forces.
16 Oct 2023
Gripen E's successful change to lithium-ion batteries
2 min
The key to modern warfare is rapid adaptability – maintaining technological superiority over challenging adversaries. Gripen E’s innovative avionics system allows rapid upgrades of both software and hardware.  A recent example of that is a successful change to lithium-ion batteries.
14 Oct 2023 / By Tobias Birging
Greater power to smaller platforms
7 min
Protecting and securing a maritime territory has always been fraught with difficulty. Today, more than ever, advanced technological development imposes the necessity for naval forces to operate in an environment that is increasingly complex, challenging and unpredictable. In such a setting, you need a heightened level of awareness, and the ability to detect, identify and counter a wide range of threats – fast and slow, conventional and unconventional. Sea Giraffe 1X radar is designed to provide the capabilities required to manage any  threats in any waters and make the Navies of the world better prepared for the increasingly complex and demanding naval environment.
22 Sep 2023
Reaching higher tones: Saab and the Göteborg Opera in a partnership
2 min
Saab and the Göteborg Opera are in a collaboration with the aim of creating cultural experiences beyond borders. Through the "Skapa” department, we want to inspire more people, especially children and youth, to get involved, learn, and love the world of performing arts.