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22 Sep 2022
Flexible, precise and reliable – the versatile long range solution that has it all
3 min +
With a range of 150 km, the ability to hit targets across a wide area, and a precision so high it can hit the target within a radius of one meter.
8 Sep 2022
Unmanned systems tested by the Swedish Navy during exercise
2 min +
Enforcer III is Saab’s test platform for development of autonomous functions. It is a converted Combat Boat 90, equipped with navigation and communication systems, sensors, cameras and lasers for navigation. The platform was tested in a joint trial between Saab and the Swedish Navy in the southern Baltic Sea.
15 Jul 2022
Gripen and historic Saab fighters take to the skies for summer displays
3 min
This summer, Swedish and Hungarian Gripen fighters will be joined by historic Saab aircraft for a number of airshow appearances. 
11 Jul 2022
Saab’s Marine Pilot App now live at Port of Townsville
2 min
In 2021, the Port of Townsville awarded Saab the contract to expand their existing PortControl Port Management Information System (PMIS). Saab’s Mobile management module + Marine Pilot App today gives Townsville’s Marine Pilots real-time access to pertinent shipping information whilst on the go and away from their fixed office PCs.
11 Jul 2022
How we helped make history on the far side of the world
5 min +
Saab engineers Lars Lundberg and Thomas Andréasson were part of the successful expedition to find legendary Antarctic exploration ship Endurance. They tell us what it was like to help make history.
11 Jul 2022
Why long-range airborne surveillance matters
4 min
To see beyond the Earths curvature, you need to be high up in the air to get a wide coverage. Being that high up puts demands on your equipment. You need a long-range radar and a wide array of sensors to paint a comprehensive and correct picture of the areas of concern. And not less important, you want to be able stay high up in the air for long periods of time to get a persistent situational awareness.
30 Jun 2022
Keel Laying Ceremony for the first Blekinge-class Submarine
2 min +
June 30, 2022, the Keel Laying Ceremony for HMS Blekinge takes place at Saab’s shipyard in Karlskrona
25 Jun 2022
Managing the human side of digital change - Halifax case study
1 min
Often technology is the easiest part in the digitalisation of ports and harbours. The challenge lies in the change of culture for the people who will need to work with the new solutions. In this joint paper we wrote with Halifax Port Authority we explore both the success factors and what we have learned from introducing a modern Port Management Information System at the Port of Halifax.
20 Jun 2022
A busy time ahead for the Hungarian Gripen demo pilot
4 min
Summer is here, and with it come many popular events. An example is air shows, which always attract thousands of people interested in spectacular maneuvers, high speed and roaring engines. One pilot who will be sure to delight the audience this summer is Máté Majerik, Hungarian Air Force Gripen demo pilot.
Marines - Soldiers
15 Jun 2022
The power of confidence
10 min
A strategic advantage and greater fire power are handy to have in any combat situation. But never underestimate the difference that confident soldiers can make in defeating the enemy – even against extraordinary odds.
8 Jun 2022
Sustainability, Innovation and Equal Rights unite Sweden and The Netherlands
2 min +
HRH Crown Princess Victoria visits the Netherlands and the Saab Damen team for Underwater Defence Cooperation
31 May 2022
The mobile shield that will transform ground-based air defence
3 min +
The battlefield is changing. With the advent of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced weapons, airborne threats are diversifying all the time, and keeping ground units safe is harder than ever.