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Gripen E


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23 September 2020
Passionate about advancing the maritime world

Without transport across the sea and inland waterways, the world as we know it, would not exist. Transport over water, in terms of cost and energy usage, is by far the most efficient way to move goods.

23 September 2020
Training for Gripen Intensifies

In part two of the training for Gripen video, test pilot Major Abdon undergoes a series of exercises that include water survival training, safe landing in case of injection, and intense G-force training. This video is a part of a new series by Saab Brazil which gives us a glimpse of what the training for a Gripen pilot entails.

1 April 2020
A battleground hero

Developed in the 1940s and as relevant in today’s technology-driven theatres of combat. A clever basic design that has been constantly innovated, and that is now used by more than 40 nations across the planet. The story of Saab’s Carl-Gustaf is the story of a Swedish battleground hero.

21 September 2020
Czech Air Force - 15 years of pushing Gripen to new heights

The Czech Air Force has been a Gripen user for 15 years. When Gripen entered service with the Czech Air Force in 2005, it replaced old Russian technology. Within just a couple of years, the Czech Air Force did not just start to use a new type of aircraft; they started using a completely new system as well as adapting to a new way of working. This only hints at how remarkable the capability enhancement within the Air Force was, and how it has continued to progress ever since.

17 September 2020
Saab Submarine seminar 2020

On the 3rd of September 2020 Saab invited media, financial analysts and investors to the annual submarine seminar. Link to the webcast in the story.

15 September 2020
Saab delivers Port Management Information System to the Port of Townsville

The Port of Townsville, which operates the Ports of Townsville and Lucinda in northern Australia, has taken an important step forward in improving the port experience for their customers. Saab’s flagship Port Management Information System (PMIS) PortControl has been delivered, on-time and within budget.

14 September 2020
Sweden and Saab’s Gripen Offer to Croatia to Bring Long-term Defence Solution

On 9th of September, Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Embassy in Croatia submitted a proposal of 12 Gripen C/D fighters to the Croatian government.

11 September 2020
Saab awarded contract for simulation software NNVO

Saab has been awarded a contract to develop and install a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) simulator for the Dutch National Nautical Traffic Service Training (NNVO). The simulator will be up and running in January 2021 and will be supported with a five-year maintenance contract.

8 September 2020
Achieving Great Situational Awareness with Gripen's Electronic Warfare System

Gripen's new and improved Electronic Warfare (EW) system gives the pilot an enviable tactical advantage in modern warfare. How does it do that? Episode 8 of the True Collaboration Season 3 tells us all about it.

4 September 2020
Additive manufacturing - a revolutionary new technology

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is having a profound effect on industrial manufacturing processes. Saab is a key member of AMEXCI, a consortium of leading Swedish industrial names that seeks to harness the enormous potential of this exciting technology.