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22 May 2024
Gripen undergoes tropical testing in northern Brazil
3 min
The recent climate tests conducted in Belém and Salinópolis exposed the Gripen to hot and humid conditions, with temperatures reaching approximately 35ºC and humidity of 85% at sea level. 
16 May 2024
Saab in cooperation with Babcock for the Swedish Navy’s Future Surface Combatants
2 min
The development of the four new Surface combatants of the Luleå class for Sweden continues. Contracted by The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, Saab proceeds to manage the basic design phase of the project, supported by Babcock.
8 May 2024
Hungarian Air Force and Gripen – many milestones reached
3 min
On Friday 26th April, the morning at the Kecskemét Airbase looked a bit different than standard morning – technicians were not working around the Gripen fleet, pilots were not preparing for their next mission (but of course, everyone was still ready for Alpha scramble should it come). 
3 May 2024
Training solutions gaining confidence on a global level
3 min +
In today's rapidly evolving security landscape, the importance of effective military training and simulation solutions cannot be overstated. Among the leading companies in this field stands Saab, the Swedish defense company renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence.
30 Apr 2024
See more and survive
6 min +
Enhancing the situational awareness of armoured fighting vehicles gives crews and passengers a far better chance of surviving – and completing their mission. Tactical electronics solutions can play a key role.
8 Apr 2024
Confident and battlefield ready
6 min +
Thanks to today’s advanced training systems, modern soldiers can have the experience of combat veterans long before they engage the enemy for the first time.
5 Apr 2024
The full sensory experience: welcome to the future of military training
6 min
From mixed reality to ultra-realistic virtual environments, tomorrow’s military training will be even better at preparing soldiers for battle. 
5 Apr 2024
‘True ballistic’ training for true battle readiness
6 min +
Not all military laser-training systems are equal. While some are unable to accurately recreate the way that weapons and ammunition work, Saab’s advanced BT46 technology delivers a ‘true ballistic’ experience that prepares soldiers for combat.
26 Mar 2024 / By Johan Jersblad
It is time to face the growing satellite threat
7 min +
An explosion in the number of commercial satellites offering sophisticated radar imagery of the Earth is a game changer for modern conflicts. Armed forces that want to continue to avoid enemy detection need to completely rethink their use of camouflage and decoys.
Barracuda MCS on Oshkosh
22 Mar 2024
Barracuda camouflage increases focus on the US
5 min +
With the world facing new threats, Saab's business unit Barracuda is working to ensure that customers in the United States have the advanced camouflage solutions they need.
Urban Operations Training
17 Mar 2024
How to train for the inpredictable battelfield
2 min
Fighting forces which train the most effectively are the ones with the most realistic and immersive solutions.
13 Mar 2024
GlobalEye: increasing your operational availability
6 min
In modern conflict, situations develop rapidly, and your forces receiving accurate, timely intelligence is the key to mission success. Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) systems are airborne radar solutions used to detect and identify air, land and sea vehicles, missiles and other objects. AEW&C systems are also employed as battle management command and control centres, receiving and transmitting real-time information to achieve total situational awareness.