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Gripen C takeoff byTopiDoc
2 Aug 2021
A HunAF Gripen Demo Pilot´s journey
2 min
Máté Majerik from the Kecskemét Air Base talks about his journey as a Gripen demonstration pilot so far.
20 Jul 2021
Saab to supply Gladstone Marine Pilots with an advanced Marine Pilot Dispatch Management System (PDMS)
3 min
Saab is proud to announce its delivering its flagship Pilot Dispatch Management System (PDMS) PilotControl to Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) Gladstone Marine Pilots (GMPS).
14 Jul 2021
ASW training perfected
3 min
With navies around the world upgrading their submarine programs, effective anti-submarine warfare (ASW) measures are also needed. Training for ASW missions can be a costly process, but the innovative AUV62-AT training solution is an effective alternative to a real submarine.
13 Jul 2021
Why ground combat troops need a disposable weapon
10 min +
Most ground combat weapons are designed to be reused. They can be fired and then fired again. But in a wide – and growing – range of combat conditions, single-use weapons are delivering a major tactical advantage. Learn how they could give your forces the upper hand.
9 Jul 2021
The architect of tomorrow’s solutions
4 min
An exciting chance to try something different – that was the reason behind the move to Germany. The city of Augsburg not only offered hiking in nature or beautiful sightseeing but the challenge of learning an entirely new language. Today, Hampus Tufvesson works as a Software Architect at Saab, where he combines his interest in travelling with his other big passion in life – technology.
8 Jul 2021
A leader driven by creating a safe society
6 min
Meet the IT manager who thinks listening and communicating is much more important than ruling with an iron fist. Rikard Gunzenheimer, Head of Aircraft Simulation at Saab, constantly works to be as present and accessible as possible. In that way he creates trust and confidence in his leadership. And forms the best conditions for a self-governing organisation.
Royal Thai Air Force Gripen
7 Jul 2021
Thailand Celebrates First Decade of Gripen Operations
3 min
On 7 July 2021 the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) marked the tenth anniversary of operations by its Gripen fighter fleet, at Surat Thani Air Base. Thailand has a unique status as not ‘just’ a Gripen customer but also as the owner and operator of a complete integrated air defence system delivered from Sweden by Saab which gives Thailand a world-class level of capabilities.
Gripen on roadbase Vidsel
6 Jul 2021
Gripen's Efficient Support Solutions
2 min
When it comes to Gripen support and maintenance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are two very important keywords. The goal is to make sure the Gripen operator can support the fleet with minimum resources and available facilities.
6 Jul 2021
Programmed for a life in tech
4 min
From tree houses and soapbox cars to automating a whole house – technology has always played a big part in Simon Medbo’s life. Today, he gets to apply his passion in his profession as a Systems Integration and Verification Engineer at Saab. But that’s not all – in his spare time, he also makes use of his life-long interest as a race team mechanic.
5 Jul 2021
With curiosity as fuel
5 min
Everything in life can be a fun adventure if you let your heart make the decisions. That is the optimistic mindset of Monika Johansson Skerka, Head of Section at Saab. Through all of her life-changing choices, she has let her curiosity guide the way forward. Why spend time on things you don't find interesting, cool or exciting when you have the freedom to choose?
1 Jul 2021
Keeping society safe from CBRN threats
3 min
All over the world, the risk of hazardous chemical, biological, radiological and or nuclear (CBRN) attacks in military or even civil scenarios is very real and potentially devastating to both people and the environment. However, there are ways to protect ourselves, requiring advanced technical equipment.
Gripen C
1 Jul 2021
Gripen's smart support solution
4 min
Gripen is a unique fighter system, bringing a perfect balance between performance and cost-efficiency. Throughout design and construction, Saab has ensured that Gripen is easy to service and repair, making it possible to offer moderate operational and maintenance costs that no other aircraft comes close to matching. The story of Gripen's smart support solution dates back more than 80 years.