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Gripen with Electronic Attack Jammer Pod
20 Oct 2021
Countering electronic warfare threats with confidence
5 min
Fighter missions in contested airspace are never easy or without risks. Learn more about how Saab provides pilots with the confidence to win with our EW solution Arexis.
RBS15 Mk4 anti-ship missile sea-skimming at bad weather
15 Oct 2021
Active radar seeker, data-link or IR?
2 min
The ability to deny the availability of satellite based navigation systems, like GPS, and data links within a conflict area is becoming easier and easier to obtain. Today, relatively unsophisticated adversaries can obtain and operate basic Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment that presents an operational threat to units relying on GPS and data-links.
Swedish air force pilot walks to his Gripen fighter.
13 Oct 2021
Finnish Exercise Ruska 21 Concludes
2 min
Ruska 21, one of the most important Finnish Air Force exercises, came to an end last week. The exercise had a participation of around 3,300 personnel, including 1,500 reservists. Swedish Air Force Gripen fighters were among the 50 aircraft that were involved.
7 Oct 2021
The explorer of future solutions
5 min
From hacking computer games to entering a managerial position, Ted Delin’s early curiosity about technology not only led to expertise in manipulating code — it also brought the exciting chance to be a part of a fast-growing company at the centre of technology. Today, Ted spends his days looking for innovative development opportunities for both the company and the team that he manages. 
Ulrika Svahn
6 Oct 2021
Extra sensor perception
5 min
Saab is a world-leading provider of sensors. At this very moment, our sensor technology is being used by our customers in the air, on land and at sea to keep their borders and people safe from harm.
6 Oct 2021
With accurate positioning, we counter the opponent’s use of anti-access/area denial tactics
3 min
To be able to navigate with confidence and accuracy when GPS is unavailable for a long time is a game-changing capability for a fighter pilot. It sounds like a challenge - for others. Saab have studied and tested image-based and terrain navigation techniques and now propose new technology for powerful tactical navigation capability in GPS-denied environments.
5 Oct 2021
We are getting closer
3 min
The Swedish Chief of Air Force recently announced that Skaraborg Air Force Wing (F7) is first within the Swedish Air Force to receive Gripen E. Flight tests and preparations is ongoing in parallel both at the Swedish Air Force and at Saab to make the introduction of the aircraft as effective and smooth as possible.
5 Oct 2021 / By Niklas Ålund
The importance of deception in modern conflicts
11 min
With the world in a state of flux, it’s never been more important for armed forces to be able to deceive and confuse the enemy. While an explosion in sensor technology is presenting challenges, high-tech camouflage solutions can help you achieve a tactical edge.
Air to Air Refuelling
29 Sep 2021
FMV conducts Gripen C/D refuelling test with the German Air Force and Airbus A400M
2 min
The Swedish Defense Materiel Agency (FMV), together with the German Air Force, are currently conducting in-flight refuelling tests of the Gripen C/D with Airbus A400M, reports the FMV website.
28 Sep 2021
Ground-based air defence more vital than ever
5 min
Over the past decade, battlefield threats have evolved into something much more complex and unpredictable, through a mixture of new advanced weapons technology, shifting geopolitical tides and changing battle scenarios. Ground-based air defence is more important than ever, but in updated, more mobile form.
28 Sep 2021
Czech Air Force pilot reaches 2000 flight hours in Gripen
3 min
Lieutenant Colonel Michal Daněk is the second Gripen pilot in the world to pass 2000 flight hours in Gripen, which he did during a flight between Linköping, Sweden and Čáslav in the Czech Republic.
24 Sep 2021
The future of artificial intelligence - The Zero Pressure podcast
5 min
In the Zero Pressure podcast, our host Helen Sharman is joined by experts Tero Ojanperä and Dr Karen Haigh to discuss the implications of AI’s third wave.