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First flight Brazilian Gripen E
30 Nov 2021
How Pilots Prepare Themselves to Fly Gripen
2 min +
A new video under the True Collaboration web series that shows how Brazilian pilots are preparing themselves to fly the Gripen fighter has been released. The video encompasses various parts of the extensive training in Sweden, at Saab in Linköping and at F-7 in Såtenäs including 9G training and how to handle a situation if parachuting into the sea.
25 Nov 2021
Will quantum computing ever solve real-world problems?
5 min
The world of quantum computing is so complex and ambitious that some might think it belongs to the realms of science fiction. But, as physicists John Martinis and Ian Walmsley tell Zero Pressure host Helen Sharman, quantum computers could have huge implications for the likes of AI, transport logistics and defence & security.
19 Nov 2021
Securing the world’s largest offshore windfarm with Giraffe 1X
4 min +
A major expansion of national energy infrastructure is taking place not only in Europe, but worldwide. It is predicted that offshore wind will be an important source of electricity for Europe, which is heading towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
18 Nov 2021 / By Johan Jersblad
Why signature analysis is crucial for combat survival
11 min +
You know how your tanks and troop carriers look to the naked eye. But how do they look to the advanced sensors being used by your opponents? Analysing the electromagnetic signature of your deployed assets can help you improve camouflage, delivering a major tactical advantage.
Gripen E - F39E Wallpaper
9 Nov 2021
True Collaboration: Gripen Flight Certification
2 min +
As the Brazilian Air Force Gripen moves closer to operational deployment, numerous flight tests are being conducted at the Flight Test and Research Institute (IPEV) in Brazil to test the airworthiness of the fighter.
8 Nov 2021
New ways of working brings many benefits to the Gripen E programme
4 min
During the development and manufacturing of Gripen E, world leading production technologies and techniques are used to save time and cost, such as Additive Manufacturing (AM), 5-axis high speed machining, a new method shaping metal and parts under water with explosives, and Model Based Definition (MBD).
Gripen C
3 Nov 2021
Swedish and Finnish Defence: Areas of Cooperation
2 min +
Colonel Carl-Johan Edström, Chief of Operations, Swedish Air Force, talked about cooperation with the Finnish Air Force at the recently held Kauhava Air Show 2020, Kauhava, Finland.
Meet Linnéa Jakobsson, Systems Programmer, analytical problem solver and newcomer to Saab!
3 Nov 2021
A vital piece of the puzzle
4 min
Meet Linnéa Jakobsson, analytical problem solver and newcomer to Saab! Even though Systems Programmer wasn’t on the list of roles she imagined herself taking on, growing up in the city of Saab’s headquarters, it was almost written in the stars.
With a constant aim to develop and her heart set on new adventures, it’s not surprising that her path led to Saab. Meet Therese Lundholm, Information Technology Manager at Saab.
2 Nov 2021
The leader of continuous improvement
4 min
With a constant aim to develop and her heart set on new adventures, it’s not surprising that her path led to Saab. Meet Therese Lundholm, Information Technology Manager at Saab.
1 Nov 2021
Ocean 2020 - Baltic Sea Demo
3 min +
In august 2021 Saab took lead for a live demonstration as part of the EU-funded OCEAN2020 defence research project. The successful demonstration was held in the Baltic Sea, with the participation of 17 European companies, research institutes and defence ministries.
27 Oct 2021
Gripen E delivery phase starts
3 min
The delivery phase of serial Gripen E aircraft will commence before the end of the year, with delivery of four aircraft to Brazil and additional aircraft to Sweden. This important milestone for the programme has been made possible due to smart ways of working, innovative production technologies and a close cooperation with the customers.
Gripen E with meteor
27 Oct 2021
How Gripen E Offers Enhanced Survivability
3 min
Gripen E is a fighter designed to survive in complex, contested battle scenarios. This has been made possible by designing advanced systems that give the pilot an edge over their opponents.