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22 Sep 2023
Reaching higher tones: Saab and the Göteborg Opera in a partnership
2 min
Saab and the Göteborg Opera are in a collaboration with the aim of creating cultural experiences beyond borders. Through the "Skapa” department, we want to inspire more people, especially children and youth, to get involved, learn, and love the world of performing arts.
20 Sep 2023
Coding passion into reality
3 min
Building a computer from scratch might sound a bit complicated for a twelve-year-old. However, for Christoffer Krull, it was merely another hobby. Fast forward a few years, and he is now applying his long-lasting interest in computer systems and innovative tech solutions here at Saab.
5 Sep 2023
Fully camouflaged with full communication
5 min +
One major drawback of multispectral camouflage systems is that they neutralise not only enemy radar waves, but also useful radio and GPS signals. Now, Saab’s business unit Barracuda is rewriting the rule book with a camouflage system that manages hostile radar waves while allowing users full access to radio communication and GPS.
Giraffe 1X Deployment Set
4 Sep 2023
Unboxing Giraffe 1X Deployment Set
4 min
In today's often very complex and rapidly changing conflict scenarios, continuous air surveillance is essential for protecting troops and for rapid response to various threats and challenges. But what to do when time is pressing? The answer is simple. You put your trust in a green box from Saab.
23 Aug 2023
Watching your back in complex missions
2 min
The launch of Saab’s IDAS-310 has marked another leap forward from Saab in Electronic Warfare solutions. The newest version of its Integrated Defensive Aids Suite.
12 Jul 2023
Saab concludes production of the first rear fuselage of the Gripen fighter in Brazil
2 min
The structure, produced in São Bernardo do Campo, is part of the first batch of locally manufactured aerostructures set to be transported to Gavião Peixoto, where the final assembly line is situated.
6 Jul 2023
Remote, uncrewed – and ready to respond
5 min
A new-generation rescue craft proposed by Saab’s Docksta Shipyard would use remote-operation technology to dramatically cut response times for maritime accidents. The design minimizes ice-building – a game changer for rescue missions in Canada’s Artic region.   
4 Jul 2023
Training at large scale to stay confident and ready
3 min +
During 2023, Sweden's largest military exercise in three decades was conducted. It covered all domains, included 14 nations and was made possible through Saab’s live training solutions.
30 Jun 2023
Saab keeps Swedish Navy up-to-date
1 min +
Like most nations with a navy, Sweden needs to keep as many ships available as possible and operational at sea. Maintenance, upgrades and enhancements need to be carried out rapidly with minimal interference on daily operations.
29 Jun 2023
From newfound passion to meaningful impact
3 min
With a background as a Behavioral Scientist and several years of experience working within HR and business development, Jamilla Johansson suddenly found a new interest in her life. After being involved in a system development case from the customer side, she discovered a newfound passion for requirements management and testing – a passion that eventually led her to join Saab.
28 Jun 2023
Adapt, upgrade and overcome
4 min
To enable efficient combat winning operations in the rapidly evolving threat environment of today, operational adaptability is becoming an increasingly essential attribute. In order for fighters to successfully complete all required missions and to continue doing so, a rapid way to implement upgrades is a vital capability. I
Sabertooth story
21 Jun 2023
How Sabertooth is about to revolutionise underwater autonomy
4 min +
It’s been almost 15 years since the idea of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) was first conceived by Saab, but now a new multi-million dollar contract promises to take this ingenious technology into the mainstream.