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17 Jul 2024
Supremacy In The Air From Saab
3 min
Saab maintains the widest and most advanced set of defence and aerospace capabilities in Europe, with fully independent, system-level design and development skills across all domains.
14 Jul 2024
A seasoned campaigner
4 min
With a defence career stretching over four decades, Johan Hägg was well-placed to provide expert insights for Saab’s ‘Shielding the Baltic Sea’ film series.
14 Jul 2024
Armoured with smartness
2 min
On modern battlefields, one striking trend stands out: technological armament is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Tomorrow's battlegrounds will pose threats from all directions and grow ever quieter, significantly heightening security risks for ground troops. 
8 Jul 2024
Continued heavy investments from Saab in underwater technology research
2 min +
Together with Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV and the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Saab extends its support to continued development of next-generation autonomous underwater vehicles through SMaRC, Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre.
4 Jul 2024
A passionate communicator
4 min
Appearing as one of the faces of Saab in the new ‘Shielding the Baltic Sea’ film series is just the latest achievement for electrical engineer Angelica Persson.  
3 Jul 2024
How Does Military First Aid Work?
6 min
Most often, it is not a doctor or a nurse that rescues a wounded soldier. It is self-aid and “buddy care”. Military first aid is an essential skill that soldiers must master to ensure they can provide immediate care to themselves or their comrades in the event of injury. 
1 Jul 2024
How Soldiers Receive Treatment During Combat
5 min
The changing landscape of global threats has put increased focus on mobile and flexible health care in combat. You want to get in, save lives and get away as quickly as possible.
5 Jun 2024
Why knowledge is essential for Arctic survival
6 min +
With the strategic importance of the Arctic region rapidly increasing, it’s critical that deployed soldiers know how to survive its harsh conditions. Effective camouflage plays an important role in helping troops to stay alive and achieve mission success.
31 May 2024
Dive into a day together with our employees working with Sabertooth
5 min
Meet three Saab employees who all contribute in their individual ways to Saab’s advanced underwater vehicle Sabertooth.
22 May 2024
Gripen undergoes tropical testing in northern Brazil
3 min
The recent climate tests conducted in Belém and Salinópolis exposed the Gripen to hot and humid conditions, with temperatures reaching approximately 35ºC and humidity of 85% at sea level. 
16 May 2024
Saab in cooperation with Babcock for the Swedish Navy’s Future Surface Combatants
2 min
The development of the four new Surface combatants of the Luleå class for Sweden continues. Contracted by The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, Saab proceeds to manage the basic design phase of the project, supported by Babcock.
8 May 2024
Hungarian Air Force and Gripen – many milestones reached
3 min
On Friday 26th April, the morning at the Kecskemét Airbase looked a bit different than standard morning – technicians were not working around the Gripen fleet, pilots were not preparing for their next mission (but of course, everyone was still ready for Alpha scramble should it come).