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Gripen E_SWE_BRA
17 Jan 2022
Working with Gripen E - A lifestyle choice
2 min +
A lot has been talked about the capabilities of the new Gripen E fighter - its split avionics, advanced electronic warfare system, improved range, world class weapon system, reliable countermeasures system, modern human machine collaboration, cost-efficiency and so on. What has been less discussed is the people behind the fighter of tomorrow.
SLWT production
13 Jan 2022
The lightweight torpedo that’s a profound success
5 min
The story behind the successful, on-time development of Saab’s Lightweight Torpedo is one of teamwork, engagement and trust, where the project’s organisation has been as innovative as the technology itself. Jörgen Thörnström and David Rönnberg explain more.
28 Dec 2021
Creating the best conditions for employees to succeed
5 min
According to Anna, Saab has some of the coolest products in the world and this is something we should be proud of. It is impressive, to say the least, that in a country as small as Sweden we are able to compete and be world leaders in technology, combat & defence aircraft.
Boeing T-7A twoship
27 Dec 2021
T-7A Red Hawk: didn’t just combine two cultures, it created an entirely new one
6 min
Saab and Boeing have jointly designed and developed an all-new aircraft that represents a new norm in how to design and build next generation aircraft, the T-7A Red Hawk. Follow the journey with the teaming with Boeing, setting up production and digital design as well as the story behind the single engine configuration.
Gripen E - 4 ship
21 Dec 2021
How Gripen E’s upgradability is making aircraft ‘generations’ obsolete
1 min +
In the video here, Daniela, Saab Avionics Engineer, explains why Gripen’s upgradability is truly a game-changer. As she points out, with Gripen E, Saab decided to embrace the speed of technological change. The new avionics system in Gripen E is allowing us to update its data or software in hours.
VTS Tallinn SAT 2021
15 Dec 2021
Tallinn Vessel Traffic Services system upgrade now live
3 min
The Estonian Transport Administration signed off on the upgrade of the Vessel traffic Services (VTS) system that Saab delivered. This upgrade brings significant new functionality.
Meet Sofie Larsson, Head of Business Analysis and Architecture at Saab.
7 Dec 2021
Scouting for future possibilities
4 min
Meet Sofie Larsson, Head of Business Analysis and Architecture at Saab. Though her career path took a slightly different direction from her original plan, she eventually found a way to make use of her curiosity for undiscovered possibilities.
3 Dec 2021
Making awareness a national asset
5 min
Predicting the nature and scope of future conflicts and security challenges is extremely difficult. But one thing is for sure, to safeguard the people, integrity, security and economy of a nation you must always be in control and aware of what is going on – in the air, on the ground, and at sea. Here you can read more about how Saab provides such awareness!
Gripen C
3 Dec 2021
Gripen Users Group Meets in Salvador
2 min
Attended by delegations from Brazil, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Thailand, the Gripen Users Group meeting was organised after a long break due to the pandemic.
2 Dec 2021
Dispatching at the world’s busiest airport
6 min
When operating in critical environments, communication is key. Not least when it is taking place at a major airport with thousands of employees and often involving several different systems for radio and voice communication. When Hong Kong International Airport decided to streamline its communications capabilities, the choice for its implementation fell on the TactiCall Dispatcher from Saab.
1 Dec 2021 / By Johan Jersblad
Camouflage for all conditions
5 min
Battlefield terrains differ immensely, from searing temperatures and icy blasts, to rich seasonal colours and the whites of snow-covered landscapes. Each brings different challenges for camouflage to overcome.
1 Dec 2021
The multi-mission advantage of a single platform
5 min
Safeguarding a nation’s airspace has become increasingly challenging. Threats evolve, adapt and are more difficult to detect. Discovering and countering these threats in real-time is crucial for a nation's defensive ability. Here is how Saab and GlobalEye help nations and their forces to prevail – from above.