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Partnering for Innovation

No company can live in isolation. We are all dependent on a well-functioning society in order to survive. For Saab, it is a given that we will take responsibility for people and the environment throughout the value chain. This includes partnering with organisations, suppliers, customers and academia, as well as helping to promote an interest in technology in the next generation of engineers, employers and partners.

Close partnerships and collaborations

In sync with Saab’s own research, development and innovations, the company has close partnerships with suppliers and customers and contributes to broad based collaborations between industry, academia and the public sector. This is with an eye on developing products that are safe to use and adapted to the customers’ needs, whilst being sustainable.

Saab’s innovative capabilities are enhanced by these collaborations which open access to new knowledge and competences. One example is partnerships with universities, where employees from Saab have the opportunity to study for a PhD, while researchers and students from the schools can be involved in Saab’s technology development. Saab also helps to fund a number of adjunct professors.

When Saab wins large contracts, the customer country often require different forms of industrial collaborations, frequently with technology and skills transfers as important elements. Through customised offers, Saab and its partners have contributed to several successful projects that are helping national economies.

You can read more about our approach to innovation here.

Promoting an interest in technology

With its high-tech products, Saab’s operations play an important role in driving innovation and technological development in society. With employees in a large number of locations across the world, Saab creates jobs and opportunities for collaboration and spreads knowledge. An important part of Saab’s innovative capabilities is university partnerships.

To promote an interest in technology, Saab offers a number of activities for children and young adults from preschool upward. Everything from technology classes for kids, technology contests, study visits and summer engineering school to a high school programme where students have close contact with Saab’s businesses.

By promoting education and an interest in technology, Saab contributes to goal 4.4: Increase the number of youth and adults with relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment. Through university partnerships, industrial and innovation collaborations, and technology transfers Saab contributes to UN sustainable development goal 9.5: Encourage innovation and substantially increase the number of research and development workers.

You can read more about this work on our Social Engagement page here.