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Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.


Sirius Compact | Podcast

The increasing use of EW has led to more and more near-peer conflicts where enemies are fighting with the same types of weapons. As a result, information and data are becoming more important in tactical warfare. Obtaining this data at an early stage without the knowledge of the enemy is a fine art and a skill that will play a key role in deciding the outcome of future warfare. Sirius Compact provides individuals and small units with instant situational awareness - where and when you need it.


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9Air C4I interface

9Air C4I

The 9Air C4I enables flexible and efficient operations and complete control of weapon systems, sensors and communications. It is scalable and fully flexible, providing control of both individual missions and operations. It provides the situational awareness and communications that operators need to make the right decisions and resolve situations quickly and efficiently.

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Training & Simulation

Joint training of allied nations is a key topic among all NATO members. Interoperability training at brigade level and beyond is being given greater focus in order to ensure effective training and to be prepared for current and future threats. It also enables roles to be changed quickly and flexibly. Combat forces are equipped with new and emerging technologies and operate in an increasingly complex battlefield, under accurate hostile fire, inflicting and taking casualties, in extreme environmental conditions. Whilst there is no substitute for actual combat experience, realism is key to optimize the training experience. Saab’s live training solutions delivers that realism and the high-fidelity data to learn the key lesson to maximize combat effectiveness.


Delivering overmatch capability for the modern battlefield. Our Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) is a long-range precision munition that meets the evolving needs of armed forces. GLSDB provides supreme flexibility and complements existing ballistic trajectory weapons, build upon the proven and successful Small Diameter Bomb Increment (SDB I) and Multiple Launch Rocket System rockets. SDB is a 250-pound class weapon with an Advanced Anti-Jam GPS System-aided Inertial Navigation System, combined with a multipurpose, penetrating blast-and-fragmentation warhead and programmable electronic fuze.


GLSDB delivers on the needs of today

Within today’s modern warfare, the importance of a well-equipped artillery has made its mark. Enemy drones are pushing artillery deployment areas further back which means that the demand for artillery with longer range has increased. Range for artillery is a driver for a high cost and in this stage when armies have big holes to fill, cost effectiveness is key. GLSDB is the missile system that has the most superior range vs cost ratio out there. GLSDB with its 150 km range gives armies the possibility to strike high pay-off targets in a with 1 m accuracy deep into enemy territory to a lower cost than all other system.


Thanks to the fully integrated measuring system, innovative control elements, high-precision reach and non-destructive laser guidance, our system of ground-based air defense (GBAD - Ground-Based Air Defense) RBS 70 NG is different from all others on the market. Our top-notch system provides a highly flexible, scalable and long-term solution to the ever-evolving requirements of PVOS.


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Ground Combat

The multi-domain battlefield poses major challenges for militaries when it comes to protecting their troops and population as well as national security. In order to ensure the security of people and societies in the future, technological and intellectual boundaries must be overcome. Experts at Saab therefore constantly analyse past and present military events and link them to global trends to draw lessons for the future. Their forecasts have been at the heart of development work for decades and make a significant contribution to ensuring that troops all over the world are already equipped today for the attacks of tomorrow.



Today's ground-based air defence systems are all about mobility, adaptability, networking of different systems and platforms, as well as cost-efficiency, reliability and modularity. MSHORAD is the answer to the new era of the battlefield, it will detect any target, react and strike when time is of the essence.

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Giraffe 1X

Short-range mobile radars such as Saab's combat-proven Giraffe 1X radar locate aircraft, helicopters and drones, as well as artillery shells, mortar rounds and rockets simultaneously. The system has a range of 75 kilometers and a detection area of 360 degrees, and in the event of an identified object, it automatically sends information to the connected command and control system. Multifunctional, high-performance 3D radar systems Giraffe 1X also make ground-based air defense highly mobile due to its compactness and low weight of less than 150 kilograms. Mounted on vehicles, the sensor also has a "track on move" mode, enabling real-time monitoring of airspace even when in motion.


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Surface radar

Saab has been supplying air defense radars for 70 years. The product portfolio consists of Giraffe 1X for short-range air defense, Giraffe AMB and Giraffe 4A for medium- and long-range air defense. All radars can be deployed on land or sea and detect everything from UAVs to hypersonic threats
Giraffe AMB graded

Giraffe AMB

Giraffe AMB provides accurate real-time air target information creating time to act. Its built-in C3 system makes it ideal for use as a combined multi-mission sensor and GBAD command post.

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Giraffe 4A

Giraffe 4A

The truly multifunctional long range Giraffe 4A creates time to act with capabilities including air surveillance, weapon location and ground based air defence.

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Combat Vehicle 90

Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft System (UTAAS)

The Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft System (UTAAS) is a versatile targeting and fire control solution for tanks and combat vehicles. It provides a high probability of engagement against ground targets as well as against helicopters and aircraft moving at high speed.

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