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Supplier Portal

Saab Australia, as an Australian company, is dedicated to the development of Australian industry. We have a clear policy of using local suppliers and subcontractors whenever possible to deliver products and services to our customers while also developing Australian Industry Capability.

We believe in sharing our technology, our ideas and our thinking with our suppliers and partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes.

Our Suppliers

As a supplier to Saab you will contribute to our success when you are innovative, agile, skillful and efficiently managed. Saab’s customers are spread globally and so will you be as one of our suppliers.

Saab is seeking Australian companies with products and capabilities to support our major programs and bids in the defence and security domains. Our Australian Industry Capability strategy aims to improve the skills and knowledge of all our teams through global experience and capability development in order to grow Australian sovereign capability.

We believe that Australian Industry Capability is about more than just awarding contracts to Australian companies; it is about developing a long-term Australian sovereign industrial base. 

To remain competitive and develop their skill sets, Australian businesses require growth and development as well as funded contracts.

Snapshot of Saab Australia

Australian employees
Australian offlice locations
Approved subcontractors

Become a Technology Partner

To become a Saab Technology Partner our industry engagement and procurement teams will work with you to assess your suitability for our specific programs.

Please forward your quad chart or company information which we’ll assess, then notify you of your acceptance to our register. Once assessed and approved, your company may qualify for one of two tiers as a supplier to Saab Australia.

Saab Technology Partners may be another defence prime, larger company or SME with existing defence experience and capability.

Saab Approved Suppliers may be supplying goods and services on a more commoditised basis, or may have limited experience in the defence industry and will benefit from the Saab corporate mentoring program.

Please read our privacy policy to understand how we manage the information you provide.


Become a supplier

To register your interest to become a supplier, please submit your quad chart and company information here.

ICN Gateway

Saab Australia utilises the ICN Gateway to solicit information on suppliers and their products for specific projects or prospects. Companies interested in the defence and security domains should register on the ICN Gateway and monitor for current and future opportunities.

The current opportunities are currently on the ICN Gateway

A responsible company

Saab is committed to high standards of business ethics and sustainability. Saab’s Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and expresses the expectations that we hold for our suppliers.

We encourage our suppliers to establish their own codes of conduct based on similar standards and to flow down these standards to all persons and entities supplying goods or services to Saab.

We also expect that our suppliers will, upon receiving reasonable notice, give Saab access to relevant premises and documentation to verify compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Critical deviations or repeated unwillingness to make improvement, however, may jeopardize the supplier’s relationship with Saab.

If a supplier fails to meet our expectations as set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct, Saab’s general approach is to encourage improvement. 

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