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Saab Australia is strengthening the Local Supply Chain for the AMV35

Saab Australia is delighted that BAE Systems Australia has been selected to participate in next stage of evaluation for LAND 400 Phase 2, Army’s Mounted Combat Reconnaissance capability. As a key member of the BAE Systems Australia Team, Saab is helping strengthen the local supply chain that will deliver and sustain the AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle.


Saab is one of BAE Systems Australia’s key subcontractors providing 5 key sub-systems to the AMV35 vehicle. These sub-systems include: 

  • Saab’s world class Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft System (UTAAS) which provides the key sighting, Air Defence, fire control and coordination capabilities to the AMV-35 vehicle.

  • The Land Electronic Defence System (LEDS-50) provides vital early warning and situational awareness on laser threats and can allow manual or automatic responses against these threats.

  • Vehicle Electronics (or VETRONICS) is the vehicle electronic architecture providing ruggedised computing, cameras, videos and displays.

  • Saab’s comprehensive Training and Simulation system   includes in-vehicle gunnery simulators and advanced live, virtual constructive simulators providing state of the art training to vehicle drivers, commanders and crew.

  • The Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) that reduces the vehicle’s visual, thermal and radar signature and improves crew comfort in hot climates.  

As part of the BAE Systems Australia offer, Saab will transfer this technology to Australia, maximising local industry involvement in the manufacturing, assembly, integration, test, and sustainment for all of these sub-systems.

“Saab Australia is delighted that the AMV35 vehicle, offered by BAE Systems Australia, has been selected to participate in the Land 400 Risk Mitigation Activity process” says Dean Rosenfield, Managing Director of Saab Australia. “Saab Australia is committed to maximising local industry involvement in the delivery and support of our offered sub-systems.  We welcome engagement with local SME’s with the opportunity to contribute through the Land 400 supply chain”