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Gripen E: Forever Ahead

3 min read + Video

Developed to counter and defeat advanced future threats, the Gripen E-series is for customers with more pronounced threats or wider territories to secure. Gripen’s intelligent fighter systems rapidly embrace new tactics, upgrades and situations and give the pilot ample time to make the decisive move.

Gripen E/F is designed to deal with more pronounced threats and wider surveillance areas. This is made possible thanks to the aircraft’s more powerful engine, improved ranged capabilities, and higher payload capability. Some other standout features of Gripen E/F are the highly functional AESA radar, InfraRed Searching and Tracking systems, highly efficient communication systems, high situational awareness, and of course, a state of the art Electronic Warfare System.

Deal With Threats on the Go
Modern battlefields are riddled with unannounced threats – coming from any direction at any time. In cluttered air-spaces, pilots need to be aware and highly reactive, and fighter planes need to be equipped with Integrated Air Defence Systems. The Gripen E/F is not only capable of these requirements, but can deploy active and passive measures to disrupt the enemy’s tactics and functionality. These measures can distract the opponent, make it incapable of sticking to its plan, and annihilate it as well. Gripen E/F is compatible with recent developments of artilleries and missiles.

Sense the Invisible – Remain Undetected
With radar systems as powerful as the one on Gripen E/F, detection of threats is made several notches easier. The Gripen collects a wealth of data on the go, which can be processed at lightning quick speeds to see the unseen. How? Well, a singular unit of Gripen E collects data from other land, sea, or air based systems, analyses the data and that helps it discover enemy threats.

Further, the highly advanced EW capabilities of Gripen E make it hard to be detected by enemy radar systems. Along with EW, Saab’s ‘Smart Fighter’ also has active jammers and passive sensors.

Exercise Complete Control
Gripen is designed uniquely to achieve the optimal balance between the pilot and the fighter’s decision space. The supremely advanced capabilities of the fighter allow it to work autonomously and simultaneously on several aspects, such as flight and detection. The aircraft provides the pilot with suggestions ranging from firearm selection to full manoeuvring. Inside the cockpit, the pilot is displayed relevant tactical information to give an optimized battlespace overview.

Adaptability is Key
The key to getting the upper hand in battle is to have the latest technology. With strides being made at breakneck pace, whatever was relevant two years ago can be called outdated now. Gripen E is designed to adapt and evolve over time, gaining experience with each passing mission. This is thanks to components and features such as smart avionics architecture and highly customizable weaponry choices. The smart architecture also accommodates rapid hardware changes, payload upgrades, and a high degree of flexibility with respect to function.