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Saab Offers Joint Development of Sea Gripen to India

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Saab recently pitched a proposal for collaboration to develop Sea Gripens through transfer of technology, reports ET. Sea Gripen, also knwon as Gripen Maritime, is a new generation carrier-based fighter that features all the capabilities of the Gripen E. Saab has already pointed out the modifications that can be carried out to create the new naval version of Gripen.

Gripen Sea / Maritime

With revolutionary avionics including leading sensors and radars like AESA radar and IRST and high-end weapons systems, Gripen Maritime will be the world’s most technologically advanced fighter in this category. Sea Gripen will provide the pilot with exceptional inherent handling capabilities for safe and consistent deck launch and landing, under all weather conditions. It has also been designed to provide the maximum multi-role day/night capability and performance from both STOBAR and CATOBAR carriers.

According to the report, Ulf Nilsson, head of Saab’s aeronautics division, said that Brazil and Thailand could be potential customers as well.

If India selects Gripen, there is a scope of the introduction of the navalised version of the fighter to the country as a part of the technology transfer package. For the Indian Navy, blue water carrier ops can stretch for many weeks at sea, sometimes months, given their extensive maritime areas of interest. Gripen Maritime has inherent operational capabilities and a support structure that will provide the highest levels of availability to the command.

Saab’s offer to India includes a complete navalised Gripen fighter weapon system including all necessary elements for operating the fighter over the life of the aircraft including full logistics, support, and necessary training programs.

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