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INAC – World’s Most Modern Aircraft Manufacturing Facility

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It’s one thing to promise transfer of technology when it comes to developing fighter jets, and quite another to actually chalk out a plan that defines the way it (technology transfer) is actually going to work over a period of time, when a contract is signed. Saab’s Indian Aircraft Company, or INAC is a proof that the company is committed to Make in India, and co-develop its fighters in the country with local industry members.


An advanced industrial body which will act as the hub for Saab's full-blown industrial approach to the Gripen for India program, that’s INAC for you. With INAC, Saab offers India a plan to not just co-develop the Gripen fighter, but also build a world class defence industry.

With INAC, Saab wants to do a lot more than co-develop subcomponents with Indian partners. The idea is to set up an independent industrial base that can upgrade, work on the design, development, and production of the Gripen systems.

“INAC is all about our commitment to build self-reliant capabilities in India. Once developed , we don’t plan to take the Gripen aircraft to Sweden for any upgrades or overhauls or maintenance. In fact, INAC can also offer technological support for indigenous fighter programmes such as the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) MK2 and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA),’’ says Mats Palmsberg, Head of Saab's Gripen India campaign.

When selected, Saab plans to develop 96 out of the 114 aircraft (required by the Indian Air Force) at INAC. This will also result in the creation of sustainable high-tech jobs in the country. Saab has been talking to several potential partners regarding stakes in INAC, but chooses to not give away specific details or names so far.

INAC gives an edge to Saab’s Gripen offer to India by putting forward a concept that fully meets the requirements of both the Indian Air Force, and the Indian defence industry in terms of joint production and development of capabilities.