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A Look at Gripen E’s Choice of Power

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The Gripen E-series has a new and more powerful engine, F414-GE-39E turbofan, developed by General Electric. The engine offers 25 percent more thrust (up to 22,000 pounds with powered afterburner) resulting in an improved air-to-surface capability and enhanced electric airborne attack.

Gripen engine

A stronger engine like F414-GE-39E does not just mean enhanced power for the aircraft, but cost-efficiency as well. Usually, at supersonic speed, the engine triggers the afterburner, resulting in more fuel consumption. But an F414-GE-39E does not trigger the afterburner even at very high speeds, allowing for a better fuel efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced life cycle cost of the aircraft.

The new engine, in its own way, is also responsible for the increased range of Gripen E. The combination of extra thrust of the F414 engine, and the increased fuel capacity (up to 40%) of Gripen E increases the range of the new generation fighter.

As compared to its predecessor F404, F414 also promises significant improvements in aircraft performance, survivability and payload.

Built with extra durability technologies, the F414 features 3d aerodynamics, an improved high pressure turbine, and an advanced cooling system (16 percent more airflow than the F404 fan).

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