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A Quick Walkaround of the Gripen Fighter

2 min read + Video

Jamie Hunter of Skies Magazine (Canada) takes us around Gripen E as he highlights some of the most important features and capabilities of the aircraft such as the new Active Electronically Scanned Radar (AESA) system, Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system, the newly integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) system, missile approach warning systems, the GE F404 engine, and more.

“The Gripen E fighter operates with a new agile architecture system which allows the aircraft to be upgraded with new tactics and capabilities seamlessly,” Jamie says. Gripen also features 10 hardpoints or weapon stations that carry a range of air-to-air, air-to-ground, and anti-ship weapons.

Gripen E is currently one of the fighters competing for Canada's Future Fighter Capability Project to replace the existing fleet of CF-188 Hornet. Saab proposed a comprehensive fighter package which involves a “made in Canada” solution complete with a technology transfer program. The Gripen for Canada Team will aim to deliver high-quality industrial and technological benefits, just as Saab has demonstrated with Brazil and is offering to Finland and India as well.

In Saab’s Gripen offer to India, technology transfer is a big part. The Swedish defence and security company has included a proposal to establish an advanced industrial body which will act as the hub for Saab's full-blown industrial approach to the Gripen for India program.