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Inside the Gripen E Simulator

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Every Gripen pilot goes through a carefully tailored training programme before flying the fighter in real life. For this training, a vital tool is the Gripen Mission Trainer simulator which can generate realistic environments for the pilot. The very high level of realism offered does not just prepare the pilots for the real deal but also reduces the live training time and cost significantly. In addition, specific emergency procedures can be simulated, many of which cannot be trained for in real life.

Gripen simulator

Inside the Gripen simulator, the Wide Area Display (WAD) - a panoramic high-resolution screen (19 x 8 in) gives the pilot the ability to interact with Gripen’s sensor and weapon-systems in realistic tactical scenarios. Among many other things, the WAD displays approaching threats, fully fused sensors, weapon, and datalink information, mission routes, and navigational data, utilizing Gripen´s unique Human-Machine-Collaboration (HMC) concept.

Over the years, the Gripen simulator has evolved into a high-tech training workspace. A recent example is Saab´s and Finnish firm Varjo’s collaboration, bringing VR technology into Gripen simulators. This further enhances specific training tasks.

In the simulator, Gripen pilots are trained for conversion and combat missions. They can be trained both individually and in larger units, by generating scenarios containing multiple fighting assets, including simulated threats.

The conversion training syllabus comprises approximately 11 weeks of training. For combat readiness, an additional period of only nine weeks is usually required.

Saab’s Gripen offer to its customers includes a complete training package. For Brazil, an in-country facility has been included, enabling the operator with the capacity to test all Gripen systems. Similarly, together with our Indian partners, a Gripen design and research centre can be built here as well should the fighter be selected as the next fighter for India, says Kent-Åke Molin, Campaign Director for Gripen for India.