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Self-protection in a Dense Threat Environment

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How can the IAF build readiness for a battlefield that throws more advanced and complicated weapons in its pilots’ way? The answer lies in investing in a countermeasures system that confuses the infrared guidance system of the missiles in an effective manner, says Kent-Åke Molin, Sales and Marketing Director at Saab.


To handle advanced infrared and radio frequency guided threats, an aircraft needs a high capacity, combat proven system that can be easily fitted. BOL, an Electromechanical dispenser, offers superior performance with pre-emptive and reactive chaff and IR capability by dispensing into the aircraft slipstream and wing vortex.

“Each BOL works to provide the aircraft with pre-emptive protection that lasts for several minutes, thereby increasing the survivability of the pilot. During a live mission, every extra second of warning or protection can be the difference between life and death,” Kent-Åke says.

Besides BOL, BOP is another dispenser (pyrotechnical) that offers capability to dispense chaff, flares and Expendable Active Decoy (EAD) and act as an effective countermeasure. The system offers forward firing capability, can act as the primary or the complementary dispenser, and is easy to integrate to Gripen.

Protection from multiple directions

Gripen can also be integrated to BOZ EC, a highly capable countermeasures pod that offers dispensing in forward, downward or sideways. Containing five pyrotechnical BOP-L 39 dispensers and four Missile Approach Warning (MAW) sensors, BOZ EC offers s extended pre-emptive and reactive self-protection.

It is worth noting that BOL, BOZ and BOP have reached Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL 9) – highest level - which means that the systems have been proven in operational environment.

For an airspace like India where a multitude of threats pose different kind of risks, a flexible self-protection system is a must. Saab’s ESTL can be integrated as per the need of the mission. A self-protection system with its module of forward firing flares, EST offers Gripen effective countermeasure in the face of the latest generation of AAAMs and SAMs. Installed on a mission-to-mission basis, ESTL uses both BOL and BOP dispensers to release chaff. The countermeasures pod can be customised for different threat scenarios, and can take care of up to eight threats at a time.