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WAD: Delivering High Situational Awareness

2 min read

Staying ahead of your opponents in a modern battlespace is not easy. Pilots need a support system that helps them handle high volume of data and select and launch weapons at the right time. Fast paced technological advancements have also led to the development of improved sensors, as a result of which, being the first one to know has become even more critical than before.

Gripen cockpit

Gripen E’s Wide Area Display (WAD) helps modern day pilots to be the first one to know (and act). The Wide Area Display in Gripen E is a panoramic high-resolution screen (19 x 8 in) that allows a redundant and intelligent presentation of information across its entire length. And how does it do that? WAD has the capacity to receive inputs from multitask keys, touchscreen or external interfaces. It also processes the data to provide the pilot with the exact information he or she is looking for.

WAD is configurable for an optimised battlespace overview. One can divide the screen in different parts to get a simplified view of multiple factors. It is very easy to toggle between two screens. With just a push of a button, a pilot can also change the layout of the WAD to see a different set of data.