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Barracuda Products Offer Safety With Sophistication

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The best way to avoid being gunned down is to avoid getting detected. With the digitalization of battlefields and more sensors coming in, physical blending isn’t enough when thermal imaging solutions spot out alien objects in natural topography. The solution is to get protection against binoculars, thermal imaging and infra red and Barracuda products master the art of deception by providing a comprehensive solution suite”, said Naresh Ummat, Managing Director, Barracuda Camouflage (P) Limited (BCL) at ‘Digitisation of Battlefield’, a seminar held in New Delhi organised by SP Guide Publications in collaboration with the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) on 20 September.

Barracuda products

Naresh said that on the battlefield, the concept of ‘One Size Fits All’ does not hold true as there is no one size that can meet the requirements of armed forces in different areas. “Therefore, pioneer solutions need to be developed for armed forces in special areas. Barracuda has created many solutions like special operations tactical suit (SOTACH), personal camouflage (Poncho), signature concealment personal suit, combat uniforms and 3D soldiers net, etc to conceal the soldier.

The seminar began with the address of Major General (Retd) D.C. Katoch, Additional Director, CLAWS. The seminar was attended by both serving and retired Indian Army officers and representatives from the industry. They reviewed the technology requirements of the Indian Army and outlined the role the industry could play in assisting the Indian Army.

Naresh Ummat chalked Barracuda’s journey in India since 1999 and said that the company has varied solutions like mobile camouflage, static camouflage, special application camouflage, force protection, engineering services, miniature UAVs, etc. He explained about all the solutions and how Barracuda solutions can aid the Indian army to save its armor, forces, assets and manpower with sophistication against enemy’s attack. He said, “Barracuda products offer safety with sophistication.”

“Barracuda works in a coordinated manner. After completing the laboratory tests to accepted standards, every product is subjected to a variety of field validation tests. Field tests and trials are an integral part of the R&D effort at Barracuda plants. Barracuda spends a significant 5% of its revenue for Research & Development purposes”, Naresh added.