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NAIS Network Would Meet Coastal Surveillance Needs Of India

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India’s Union Minister for Shipping, Thiru G.K. Vasan inaugurated National Automatic Identification System (NAIS) Network in Chennai on 3rd August, 2012, implemented by Saab in collaboration with Elcome Marine Services. The NAIS network has been implemented on the Indian coast line for India’s Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships (DGLL), which will also be used by Indian Navy, Coast Guard and DG Shipping.

Magnus Persson, VP Operations, Saab TransponderTech said, “Saab is proud to be associated with India’s maritime safety & security. This project is one of the largest national AIS- based coastal surveillance systems ever to be deployed. The NAIS has been integrated with Gulf of Kachchh (GOK) VTMS network. The NAIS has been integrated with a Terma radar part of GOK VTMS to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) with radar and AIS target correlated.”

Saab received an order from the Indian Maritime Authority, DGLL for supply of a system for coastal surveillance for the entire Indian coast in November 2010 and it has been completed ahead of schedule in 2012.

“We have been using the system as part of acceptance trials for the past six months and are very pleased with the performance. The teams of SAAB and Elcome have worked hard to complete the project well within time period which is an achievement by itself considering the large scale geographical and technical complexities. Our comments and suggestions during the implementation phase have been well received and have been implemented as the project went along.” said Mr. P.P Sinha, Deputy Director General and Nodal Officer (NAIS) at DGLL.

India is a sea faring nation with 95% of its trade carried forth over the seas. Therefore, it is important for India to maintain a safe and secure environment for shipping and controlling responses to natural calamities, ship accidents, oil leeks, terrorism and military threats. “The NAIS network has suitable interfaces that have already been incorporated for adding radar, cameras and other sensors. The system has already been integrated with existing radar and AIS in the country to provide a holistic overview of the coastal maritime domain. The NAIS network would thus play a vital role in meeting the long term coastal surveillance needs of India.” added Mr. P.P Sinha

Automatic Identification System (AIS) provides real time merchant traffic information and the web server allows access to live data over internet. The project comprises of installation of sensors and equipments along the Indian coast for regional and national control centers. Saab has implemented the entire gamut of project which includes installation, commissioning, training and support, along with their Indian partner, Elcome Marine Services.