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Saab Believes In Genuine Industrial Cooperation

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For Saab, India is more than a market. It is one of Saab’s home markets and, therefore, the focus is not simply on winning bids but on building business in partnership with reliable Indian partners across the entire hierarchy of manufacturers, all the way from strategic partners to sub-component suppliers. What that means is long-term commitment to investments in India and taking advantage of India’s manufacturing skills and cost structures to the world. Equally important, for all major future programmes, Saab will partner an Indian company either through a teaming agreement or through a joint venture.

“Saab, with its technological excellence, can create synergies with Indian partners to supply customized military solutions that completely fulfill the operational requirements of India’s defence. Saab is looking for partners in the Indian market to support the delivery of indigenous security solutions. In fact, the Saab Group intends to make India a ‘home market’ by leveraging India’s manufacturing strengths for exports to world markets”, said Inderjit Sial, Managing Director of Saab India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The Saab approach to industrial cooperation and successful ToT is based on an extensive interaction between the partners, aiming at long term industrial expansion as well as technology and spin off effects -not ending with the end of obligation, and not restricted to the current application of technology. Saab views the ToT as a base for long term cooperation.

Saab guarantees access to all levels of technology and management of all aspects of the product life cycle. Saab will share technology with partner companies, localize production and offer it to both Indian and global customers. Saab believes that these will deliver large benefits to Saab as much as it will to Indian companies. For one, by bringing its production to India, local adaptation will be easier and faster by being closer to its customers here.

As Saab completes 75 years of pushing forward the boundaries of technology, it has made a long term commitment to India’s national security goals by being a partner in developing an indigenous, global scale, self-sustaining Defence industry. Saab is well supported by Swedish government in efforts to form new international partnerships and export of technology. Saab and Sweden have an established track record of Technology Transfer, including critical areas. With new Offset policies stipulated by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, well in place, the Saab group is all geared up to explore the opportunities for Long Term Industrial Cooperation with both the public and private sector players in India.