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Training Is The Key To A Safe Society

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“For a Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer be a really effective training system it should be able to achieve the following: the training weapon needs to faithfully replicate the function and feel of the actual weapon system. The ballistics and the characteristics of the round and the target effect should be accurate and the scenario in which the training is given should be realistic and immersive,” said Rob Wild, Director, Security and Defence Solutions (Training and Simulation), Saab India at the ‘Secure Cities 2012’, an event held in New Delhi on 20 September 2012.

Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer

Rob said that training is the key to a safe society and simulation is a key enabler of training. In his presentation on Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT), he explained about the importance of using simulators that replicate the original weapon and briefed the audience about the features and benefits of Saab’s small arms trainer.

“When a trainee enters a room he wants to come in, pick up a weapon that looks like, feels like and acts like his weapon, he conducts his normal safety precautions and he gets on with the training. As simple as that. What happens in the background in terms of ballistic calculations, or in terms of screen tracking and data collection, he doesn’t need to know about,” Rob said.

Talking about the kind of training police would need, Rob explained that as opposed to military organizations, the police are always operational which compresses training time and opportunity to practice shooting skills. So they need to use systems that are appropriate, cost effective and which make the best use of their time and the resources available.

SAVIT is a modular system for skills and tactical training where trainees shooting abilities can be tested in different weather conditions and at any time of day. It can be combined in several configurations depending on customer requirements and training objectives. Main system components are the aim point evaluation system, image generation & projection system, training weapons and the instructor station.

The small arms trainer provides comprehensive training from beginners to proficient firers. The weapons used for training are world class replicas or modified actual weapons. The trainer also helps in sharpening marksmanship and Skill at Arms training.

Stressing on the importance of marksmanship, Rob said that marksmanship training is very important. “If you do not have a training that enables accurate practice of Marksmanship training, you might as well buy a play station. In an operational environment it’s all about marksmanship. When a police officer is in a situation where he is required to pull the trigger, he needs to be confident in his own ability and judgment,” he says.

Talking about benefits of SAVIT in India, Rob said that it is ideal for organizations with limited training time and a limited access to live training facilities. SAVIT makes efficient use of space and enables multiple weapon training. It is based on real life scenarios covering all kinds of terrain, environment and climatic conditions.