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Aerospace Scholarship

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At the end of 2014, in partnership with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Saab presented a student with a scholarship to undertake a master’s degree in Aerospace – to commence in the autumn of 2015. The winner, Nishita Vegi from India, became the inaugural recipient of the Saab-KTH Scholarship.

Saab-KTH Scholarship

Awardees of the Saab-KTH scholarship: Harianas Dewang (left) and Nishita Vegi (right)

This spring, the second winner was announced – Harianas Dewang from Indonesia. Both are currently studying at KTH. For the second year running, Saab, in partnership with KTH, has awarded a student a full scholarship for studies in the field of aerospace. In addition to maintaining an excellent track record over the duration of their undergraduate degrees, the winners were selected through a competition involving a number of steps, including logical reasoning, questions relating to Sweden and KTH, and a written essay on aviation which was graded by Saab experts.

The first recipient of the Saab-KTH Aerospace scholarship was Nishita Vegi. She is currently in the second year of her master’s programme and last summer she conducted a project for Combitech at Saab’s India Technology Center in Hyderabad as part of her internship.

The project was connected to PWR Racing and involved 3D modelling and the undercarriage of the racing car.

“I’m having a wonderful time here in Sweden. Aside for my studies, I have also gotten an opportunity to be an ambassador for KTH with a lot of contact with students from all over the world. I would like to thank Saab and KTH for all their support and I hope to do my thesis for Saab,” says Nishita Vegi.

In early 2016, the scholarship was presented to Harianas Dewang, a student from Indonesia. When meeting up with Harianas after his first few weeks in Sweden, it is apparent that he is excited about the opportunity to study at KTH. He has just started working towards his new degree and, up to this point, it has far exceeded his expectations. It is hard work but he plans to excel. He is the eldest of his siblings and being able to study abroad is a tremendous opportunity for his future and career.

At the moment, the next Saab scholarship is being prepared and will be unveiled shortly. This time around, the scholarship is being managed together with Chalmers, and is oriented towards Communication Engineering with Indonesia in mind.