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Saab: Solutions for the Indian Navy

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We are in the midst of a rapidly evolving global security scenario – one in which India’s Navy and Coast Guard play a much bigger role than ever before. For a nation like India, it is important not only to maintain a safe and secure environment for shipping, but also to be able act and respond to any natural calamities, maritime accidents, oil spills, terrorism and military threats.

According to Commander Soumitra Sahai (Retd.), Marketing Director, Naval Systems, Saab India, “Saab’s maritime portfolio can provide Naval and Coast Guard forces complete command over the sea, and covers the air, surface, sub-surface and maritime surveillance domains.”


The latest generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Saab’s AUV62-MR is a superior alternative to traditional mine reconnaissance and mine countermeasures (MCM). The robust AUV62-MR has a modular design, offering high levels of flexibility and short turnaround times for MCM operations. The hydro-dynamically stable, highly reliable system boasts exceptional performance and low lifecycle costs, making it an ideal, cost-effective choice for MCM operators. Independent of mission type, the AUV62-MR has a common infrastructure with separate components that work together for efficient and effective operation. The AUV62-MR comprises four sub-systems: a mission planning and analysis unit, a battery recharging system, LARS (Launch and & Recovery System)  and an integrated logistic support package.  The modular design of the AUV62-MR allows its basic configuration to be altered to suit each mission, simply by substituting different elements. During the mission planning stage, relevant payloads can be integrated to create a tailored, assignment-specific AUV. This efficient interchange of parts ensures easy and effortless configuration upgrade.

The AUV62-MR is designed to undertake long-endurance missions over large areas. These can be performed with different levels of operator interaction; either fully autonomously or in supervised mode. Its controlled communication features transfer position and status information, protecting the vehicle and enabling it to be located, updated and supervised during a mission if necessary. The AUV62-MR contains high resolution sonar for systematic, comprehensive investigation of the environment, creating a detailed picture of any threats.

Once launched, the system performs a rapid environment assessment so a detailed search mission can then be planned and conducted. Any mine-like objects are identified using the onboard computer-aided detection and classification algorithms and their positions stored, alongside high resolution SAS data and optical images. This modular vehicle, through a simple change of the payload module, can be configured for a number of operational roles such as reconnaissance and surveillance, mine reconnaissance, seabed mapping, sub-bottom mapping and environmental monitoring.


Saab’s Lightweight Torpedo (SLWT) is designed to secure your littoral supremacy. It is an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) solution that gives total control to forces worldwide. Originally developed for the Swedish Navy, SLWT is based on over 100 years of underwater systems experience. SLWT incorporates a fully digital homing system, offers fire-and-forget and wire-guided operation, and adapts to difficult hydroacoustic conditions. It can also be launched from multiple platforms, ensuring success in any environment.

Based on decades of expertise, SLWT supremely effective in all weathers, in adverse conditions and complex seabed topography. It is operational in both deep blue and shallow water. It functions as both a fire-and-forget and wire-guided torpedo and is supported by the operator during the attack/launch. Should the wire break the torpedo can either stop, neutralize and swim to the bottom or continue its attack towards the target, with equal effect in shallow or deep water.