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Gripen E: The Modernization Engine for Indian Defence Industry

1 min read + Video

Kent-Åke Molin, Sales and Marketing Director at Saab, deep dives into the futuristic role that Gripen E will play for any Air Force.

Keeping in mind the constantly evolving nature of air warfare and the giant leaps in technology when it comes to development of fighter aircraft, how will Gripen overcome the risk of obsolescence and stay relevant for decades to come? According to Kent-Åke Molin, a fighter has to be able to adapt to future needs in the quickest way possible to stay relevant, a requirement for which Gripen E has been designed right from day one.

"We believe that India will be a powerhouse and a leading nation in industrial engineering that indigenously develops latest fighters. We want to play an instrumental role to support this achievement. Our technology transfer programme will also support the success of ongoing and future indigenous fighter platforms developed in India," adds Kent-Åke Molin on the role that Saab can play in supporting India’s ambitions to develop an indigenous defence industry.