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IDAS: Indian ALH (Rudra) self-protection system of choice for years

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Saab's Integrated Defence Aids Suite (IDAS) system was first integrated with the Indian Army and Air Force's version of ALH (Dhruv) in the year 2005. For the last 16 years, the self-protection suite installed on more than 200 Indian Air Force and the Indian Army helicopters has played an important role in enhancing platform survivability in dense threat environments.

IDAS Dhruv

When an aircraft is flying in a hostile environment, the most important capability it needs to have is to be able to detect threats and counter it. With radar warning receiver supported by the missile and laser warning, IDAS allows the aircraft’s sensors to detect radar (2.0GHz – 18GHz or 0.7GHz – 40GHz), missile and laser threats from any position relative to the aircraft. Once a hostile target is detected, the system selects semi or completely automated response with countermeasures dispensing.

With IDAS, the pilots can fully focus on the mission. The combination of superior situational awareness and countermeasures offers the combat helicopter the ability to act fast. User defined dispensing sequence further enables selection of countermeasures as per the level of threat.

“For India, IDAS is more than just a product proposition. Having established the maintenance, transfer of technology at HAL Hyderabad, Saab is now in the final stages with HAL for IDAS production, transfer of technology to India. This means Saab will, together with HAL, work on the full production of the IDAS, including the future version IDAS3 right here in India,” says Ritu Raj Tyagi, Marketing Director, Aeronautics, Saab India

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